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Asher Strategies offers a wide array of training seminars and materials designed with one thing in mind: BOTTOM LINE SALES IMPROVEMENT. We come on site to lead customized training sessions for your unique organization, and assist your team with improving individual challenges, using proven Sales processes. We offer monthly training sessions all over the world. We can help you and your organization RAMP it up!

Best Sales Training Seminars | Asher Strategies

Best of Breed Sales Training Programs with Proven Results

ASHER has trained thousands of sales team members to improve their performance, impacting larger revenue growth and increasing your company's profitability.

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Asher Strategies | Best Sales Training Seminars

On-Site Seminars & Workshops Designed to Maximize Growth & Productivity for YOUR Company

From our signature Top Ten Selling Skills Seminar to various marketing & process workshops, ASHER delivers specific roadmaps for your company to grow with measurable and scalable ROI.

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Public Sales training Seminars

Over 60 Public Trainings throughout the US & Canada

The seminar is based on extensive research of over 300 sales and marketing references and the experience and skills of ASHER facilitators who have excelled in sales and business development.

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Improve sales team performance

Reinforcement Tools that Turn New Sales Techniques into Habit

The seminar is based on extensive research of over 300 sales and marketing references and the experience and skills of ASHER facilitators who have excelled in sales and business development.

Skills Reinforcement
Sales Training On-Demand Asher Store

Self-Guided Sales Training On-Demand

The ASHER store has comprehensive manuals and videos for on-demand learning at your own pace or for specific traits.

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A Wide Range of Sales Training Programs and Services Designed for Your Company's Unique Challenges

From Public to On-site to On-Demand Sales Training, Empower Your Sales Team with Best Practices

You understand the importance of sales training in today's competitive sales environment, and realize to succeed, you need the best performing sales team possible. ASHER Strategies is the catalyst to improve your sales team from top to bottom using tested, best of breed ideas and principles to immediately improve results and your overall growth.

ASHER offers a wide range of types of trainings in different formats, all customizable for your market and company:

Partner with ASHER and Get Experience, Sales Knowledge and RESULTS

ASHER has trained over 35,000 salespeople, conducted hundreds of sales process improvement workshops and facilitated hundreds of strategic planning sessions, continually delivering results to both mid-size and Fortune 500 companies.

Companies that partner with ASHER typically see:

  • 17% increase in sales from acquisition of new customers
  • 45% reduction in sales cycle time
  • 22% increase in sales of high-margin, add-on business to current customers

Contact us today to see how your team and company can get these types of results.

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Learn how to develop consistent, scalable, measurable ROI and top line revenue growth through sales training, marketing, and process improvement.

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John Asher's impact as a trainer and a keynote speaker

John Asher Sales Presentation

Watch ASHER Trainer, Kyla O’Connell, help new salespeople feel like experts!

On-site sales training

Watch ASHER Trainer, Steve Johnson, capture audiences with his amazing background and stories that cement new information and techniques!

sales tests for improvement

Hear first-hand from clients on ASHER's training and business impacts

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