How to Increase Sales in 2013

In most business markets, we are in a culture of rapidly changing, buying and selling rules. 2013 will be a banner year for changing trends and your sales teams will have to adapt rapidly. This post looks at 4 Major Sales Trends for 2013 and Sales Process Improvements you can implement to increase your company’s sales this year.

Major Sales Trends of 2013 and Simple Sales Process Improvements

Social everything. Kids raised in our social media boom are now moving into entry-level positions in corporations. These social generation buyers are changing company cultures from the inside with their social media skills.

Sales Process Improvement: Make social media tools a mandatory part of your communications with customers and within your team. If you do not have social media tools in place, you will fall behind in 2013.

Customer Value Redefined. Customers are in the driver’s seat more than ever before. They have more data online and are able to fully research purchases well before your sales team knows they are interested. Customers want:

  • Personalization – make it like I want it
  • Participation – let me share my needs with others and with you to be part of the value creation
  • One-on-one communications – send me just what I need, not a brochure made for the masses

Sales Process Improvement: Make sure you have a fully interactive website that is a strong supporter of your customer’s buying process. Communicate with buyers “early” in their buying cycle.  Send them personalized communications as they research and compare options for their purchase. This is called Marketing Automation. Our RAMP Program is an integrated solution to make your sales process more customer-centric and automated.

Robots for Workers. Smart machines and robots are redefining society. Robots are being deployed as receptionists, sales assistants and even prison guards. Professionals can do more with less support.

Sales Process Improvement: Become aggressive in using technology to replace the mundane tasks your sales force does today. Free your sales team up to sell 100% of their time. (CRM, Automated Sales Assistants, Marketing Automation…)

Mobile Workplaces. Mobile computing is entering a critical new stage in 2013. Not only does consumption occur anywhere, anytime, but the tools and resources to create and capture value are more broadly distributed as well.

Sales Process Improvement: Ensure your sales team is fully equipped and trained in using the latest mobile devices. Make sure your website is mobile and works great on any size device.

To catapult your sales team to a new level and hear more about how to increase sales using our Top Ten Selling Skills now tailored for the Major Sales Trends of 2013; give Asher a call at 866-732-0363.


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