Why Sales Training Seminars are a MUST for Business Development Teams

Business development teams are responsible for creating new market opportunities, often through the introduction of a new product or a new use case for an existing product. Sometimes they even work directly with their R&D departments to come up with new products to serve a market opportunity.

In any case, business development teams should attend sales training seminars to master the art of selling. This is just as important as getting your regular salespeople through sales training. Here’s a few reasons why:

Business development teams should help develop the sales process

When researching new markets and opportunities, business development teams glean a lot of insight into their prospective buyers and what makes them tick. As such, they can inform salespeople as to the steps they should take to best sell these new buyers.

By attending sales training seminars, business development pros will understand the key steps needed in a formal sales process, and can therefore customize their own. This is far more efficient than having the salespeople start “fresh” when they are handed over the reins to a new region.

They need to know how to close

It’s not enough to simply identify new markets and opportunities. Business development teams are usually the first to do the selling in any given area, and in fact are often counted on to establish a beachhead through the closing of a few major accounts before the regular salespeople take over. Without this, a company might not have the confidence to invest further resources into the market.

Sales training seminars are therefore a must for biz dev folks, as overcoming objections and closing are critical skills needed to open new markets.

Biz Dev folks need to stay motivated

Setting up countless meetings, working the crowd at conferences, presenting to executives – all of this takes a toll after a while, especially if results aren’t fantastic at first. Many business development people burn out after a few months unless they start closing some deals. And this is unlikely unless they possess a lot of natural talent, years of experience, or get some excellent training.

Sales training seminars can provide a much-needed boost in motivation. It’s not only that attendees learn new skills which bolster confidence and competence, it’s also that they can share war stories with otherbusiness development people and establish camaraderie with fellow “boots on the ground.”

Seminars are a great way to keep sellers of all types motivated.

Business development professionals should not be neglected when developing your sales training seminars plans. They spearhead your efforts in new markets to create new sources of revenue. They deserve as much attention as your dedicated sales people, and this attention will pay off big dividends as time goes on.

We love working with and training business development people to do their best. Let us help your team today – contact us to work out a training solution today!



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