Using Video for Sales Training Seminar Retention

One of the main struggles faced by sales trainers and the businesses they serve is to improve the retention of data by sales training seminar students. Unfortunately, most people forget up to 90 percent of what they learn at seminars within about three months. This is a whole lot of money down the drain.

There are various solutions to this, however, including:

  • Inviting audience participation
  • Using visual aids
  • Repeating data in various ways
  • Follow-up personalized coaching
  • Videos

The last on the list, videos, is growing is adoption. Here is why you should incorporate videos into your sales training seminar plan immediately.

Video maintains alertness

One of the reasons people forget what they learn during a sales training seminar is that they are not mentally “there.” They passed some jargon they did not understand or something went over their heads, and they blank out and start daydreaming. Another reason this happens is boredom. If a lecturer drones on and on, the audience will also tune out and miss some information.

Showing stimulating videos from time to time as part of the curriculum helps draw attention sharply back to the subject at hand and wakes people up – thereby improving retention

Video has great impact

Apart from keeping people awake and interested at a sales training seminar, video also packs a punch when it comes to retention due to the impact video has on the senses. The colors and sounds of video stimulate the brain in ways written material or a lecture just won’t, and this makes data stick in the mind longer.

There are also a great deal of people who simply learn better through video, rather than traditional textbooks or workbooks. With the Millennials and younger crowd being brought up on YouTube and other online video sources, it’s not hard to see why. It’s what they are used to!

Video can be used on demand

The last reason I will present is that video can be used on demand, especially from streaming sources. This means training 24/7, from any device capable of playing streaming video, anywhere in the world.

This is powerful. It means that salespeople no longer must travel to reinforce their sales training seminar with a refresher course or meet with a coach (although those are still great options). They can watch a video during some down time at the office or in the field, and hone in on the specific issue they are having trouble with.

While video training currently cannot replace the experience of a sales training seminar with live instructors and fellow living, breathing salespeople – it is an excellent tool for retention.

Here is a link to our Selling Skills Overview Videos, just one of our playlists on our YouTube Channel. Use these at sales meetings or encourage your salespeople to watch them at home at their leisure. And make sure you subscribe, we have a lot more content to come!

Selling Skills Overview Videos Playlist link:



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