30 Reasons Asher Delivers Top ROI with the Best Sales Training Seminars

When you invest in sales training seminars, you expect to get a good return on your money, which is why you need to choose the best sales training seminars for your staff. For most, this means you need to see an ROI through an increase in revenue and profit. There are also intangibles, such as improved morale, greater efficiency, and stronger brand perception.

Here are 30 reasons Asher delivers the best sales training seminars, with a superior ROI to many other sales training solutions in the market:

  1. We have done this for nearly three decades

  2. We have worked with many different industries

  3. Our trainers have real world experience in running businesses

  4. Our system is practical

  5. Our methodology is scalable

  6. We teach formal sales processes so success is repeatable

  7. We condensed the knowledge from over 200 books

  8. We tailor our seminars to your specific needs

  9. Our sales training seminars are interactive and fun

  10. We use an Aptitude Assessment to highlight selling strengths and weaknesses

  11. We have trained over 50,000 people, working with over 1500 companies worldwide

  12. Fortune 500 companies use our sales training seminars

  13. We focus on the Top 10 Selling Skills of the Elite Salespeople

  14. We use role-playing in our teaching

  15. We follow up with coaching where desired

  16. We teach basic and advanced courses

  17. Our trainers understand the challenges of doing business overseas

  18. Many of us have military backgrounds and understand the challenges of selling to the federal government

  19. We are results-oriented

  20. We offer e books and video training to reinforce our sales training seminars

  21. We teach you how to leverage Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  22. We inspire confidence in new salespeople, as well as seasoned salespeople

  23. Social media marketing tips are shared

  24. LinkedIn strategies are taught

  25. We teach how to use coaches for better access to decision makers

  26. Formal sales processes are a backbone of our methodology

  27. We motivate sales teams

  28. We LOVE the profession of sales

  29. Teams trained by us sell more immediately after the sessions

  30. Our training leads to new sales processes which create even more success

I could probably list 100 more, but these are a pretty good start, wouldn’t you agree? As they say, the proof is in the pudding, so I invite you to explore our website and contact us so we can set up your company’s Asher Sales Training Seminar.


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