3 Powerful Sales Closing Questions That Will Seal The Deal

Closing a business deal with any prospect can be an anxious experience. They may have loved your demo and seem highly interested, but nothing is official until you get pen on paper. So what comes next? How do you show your prospect you’re serious about getting a deal done and ready to move this conversation along?

Well, the good news is most of the hard work is already done. Closing a deal typically rests on the value of the offer, the timing of the offer, and your execution of the sales process. However, don’t underestimate the importance of an effective closing technique.

The best effective closing technique is asking quality questions that both show value and progress the conversation towards a deal. Showing value is about showing your prospect you are here to help them. Ask them questions that give you insight into their mindset and what could be causing the hesitation. Next time you’re on the verge of closing a deal try these three proven questions!

What are your thoughts on what we have discussed?

 This question causes your prospect to provide an overarching summary of their thoughts on the deal thus far. This allows you to see what they’re satisfied with and what their concerns are. Hopefully, you will be able to quickly address their concerns by either solving them or emphasizing the benefits enough that they are able to overlook them. Either way, they’ll come out of the conversation feeling like they got everything off their chest and ready to move forward with a deal.

It seems like our product is a great fit for your company, what do you think?

 This is a strong question because it prompts your prospect into thinking about all the reasons that your product or company is beneficial to them. Due to the fact that you’re asking for their opinion, the question comes across as more honest rather than a shrewd, self-serving conversation. If your prospect really is interested, the answer to this question will provide the perfect segue to putting a deal in motion. If they agree that your product can help them, you have the perfect alley-oop to follow up with, “perfect I will send the paperwork over now.”

Are we on track to hit your timeline?

 This is the most presumptive question of the three, but a very powerful one nevertheless. Whenever you are going to ask a presumptive question at the end of a closing conversation, timing is everything. If your prospect isn’t quite there yet you could risk spooking them with your brashness. However, if you believe you have your prospect on the hook this is a great question to progress toward the finish line. It shows your prospect that you care about making sure that you are on schedule for them. By referencing the timeline you also bring a subtle feeling of eagerness to your prospect, to get a deal done in time for their company.

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