A Customized, Proven ‘Sales Improvement Roadmap’ to Take your Organization to the Next Level

Sales Improvement That Works

A challenge in sales organizations is deciding exactly what sales improvement approach should be taken that will provide the greatest bang for the buck.

After all, there are quite a few ways to improve sales, the most basic being training individual salespeople in the basics of selling. However, this sometimes doesn’t work very well. So, perhaps attacking the lack of formal sales processes is the answer? Well, it could be, but even the most clearly-defined sales process is useless if the majority of the team fails to follow it.

If neither of the above work, then surely the answer lies in management. Except that companies who clear out managers and replace them often find their problems do not go away.

What is the right approach?

Asher Strategies answer is to address every one of those aspects, and more, in a logical sequence through our Sales Improvement Roadmap.

Asher Strategies Sales Improvement Roadmap takes your sales to the next level

Asher’s sales consultancy services tackle problems from the bottom up, improving each facet of a sales organization on a manageable, step-by-step basis:

Step 1 – Sales Aptitude Assessment

The first step we recommend is for everyone in the sales organization, and candidates for future hiring, to undergo testing to scientifically determine their natural aptitude for a variety of sales roles. In this way, people are put in the right roles in accordance with their inherent ability, and valuable training resources are utilized effectively instead of wasted on the wrong people.

Asher offers the Craft Personality Questionnaire (CPQ) to address this issue, a tool which is available online 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Consulting services for managers using the tool takes its effectiveness to a very high level. We have repeatedly seen dramatic improvements in sales team performance when the tool, management involvement, and Asher sales consultants are brought together.

Step 2 – Selling Excellence Seminar

This forms the bedrock of our sales consultant training, and covers everything from marketing to handling objections and closing techniques. A must for anyone involved in the sales profession, the information has been culled from over 35 years of selling experience, study of the best sales training material in the world, and the face-to-face training of over 50,000 sales professionals in over 1,200 companies.

Step 3 – Sales and Marketing Process Improvement Seminar

First, your sales and marketing processes are compared against the Top 15 Best Practices for Business Development. Then, a detailed action plan is created to address the specific points that need improvement in your firm. This truly boosts efficiency and gives salespeople an operational framework that gives them the best chance for success.

Step 4 – High Performance Team Workshop

This step addresses the management and executive layers of your sales organization, boosting revenue by getting them to work together as a powerful team. Sample topics which are addressed include leadership, responsibility, team alignment, mastering client focus, and effective communication.

Step 5 – Sales Negotiation Workshop

The “best of the best” negotiation techniques are presented in a concentrated form, organized into a six-step process that makes advanced concepts easy to grasp. Learn about buyer tactics, utilizing power and leverage, how to deal with stalled negotiations, gaining commitment, and much more. Attendees will apply the principles learned to upcoming, real-life deals in their pipeline that must be negotiated.

While the above shows the major milestones in our methodology, each step in the Sales Improvement Roadmap is actually customized to your organization’s unique challenges — we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, our training seminars and consulting engagements are interactive and assess the knowledge and experience of trainees to best communicate the principles we are trying to teach them.

The result when executed correctly is a sales team that actually uses its training, and all levels of management buying in to sales process improvements and executing them to achieve greater production.

Additional Services

Asher’s sales consultancy services don’t stop with the above. Additional offerings available include:

  • Interview and services for sales position candidates, including aptitude testing.
  • Customized sales coaching for sales representatives, sales managers, and executives.

Let Asher Strategies’ sales consultancy services take your company along the Sales Improvement Roadmap and transform your sales organization into a winning machine full of competent, top-producing salespeople and managers.


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