Sales Keynote Speakers Can Jumpstart Your Team

Sales team members have the blahs? Consider hiring sales keynote speakers to liven things up and get them back on track.

Here are a few ways sales keynote speakers can jump start your team.

Team cohesion

Listening to a fantastic keynote as a shared experience can bond team members. The key is the emotional connection between the speaker, the audience, and each other. Think of a great movie in a theater full of rapt audience members. They will fall into hysterical laughter as a unit, or sob during a sad scene as a unit, and once the lights come up you will see them connect with each other through eye contact, smiles and comments even though they are complete strangers.

The same effect occurs with sales teams that listen to energizing sales keynote speakers. They share highlights of the experience and become closer as a team thanks to the commonality. Often, two employees who never before interacted will bond through attending, smoothing out office relations.

New outlook

Sales keynote speakers can literally change minds. If the delivery is powerful enough and the content actionable, your team members’ behaviors will change for the better. They will prospect more, set higher goals, and treat customers better.

This can result in a completely new outlook for a sales department, especially if the keynote is followed up with continued reinforcement from videos, personal coaching, blog posts, and other material.

Sales skills

The next benefit that sales keynote speakers provide is tangible, real world sales skills to the audience. Just think of some of the well-known sales speakers, such as Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Earl Nightingale, Dale Carnegie, and Brian Tracy. In addition to being charismatic and entertaining, each actually taught something that the audience could apply – not just pie-in-the-sky theories.

Light a fire

Finally, the best sales keynote speakers will light a fire under your sales team to “go out and get ‘em.” Salespeople tend to become brave and try new things to bring in business, at least for a short while after the keynote. This can be extended through reinforcing content or coaching, as mentioned previously. Even without reinforcement, the extra sales which comes from this motivated action are usually more than enough to justify any speaker’s fee.

To sum up, if your sales team is struggling, consider bringing in sales keynote speakers to jump start them on the path to greater production. Need more tips? Please don’t hesitate to drop me a personal note with your questions. – John


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