Professional Sales Keynote Speakers Can Transform Your Next Business Conference

Corporate sales conferences that truly energize and drive your team to succeed have one important component — a motivating, dynamic keynote address.

Nothing is worse for meeting attendees than to have to sit through 45 minutes to an hour of drab PowerPoint presentations and a speech delivered in the manner of a tedious college lecture.

John Asher - Sales Keynote Speaker

Instead, the goal should be to engage and invigorate the audience in order to get them into action.

Top sales keynote speakers that deliver

The best sales keynote speakers have the following characteristics:

  • Can quickly highlight the essence of your conference to the audience and get their buy-in
  • Research and tailor their presentation to your company and industry
  • Can quickly capture the audience’s attention and hold it for the entire session
  • Use a perfect blend of humor, multimedia tools and serious talk to drive the message home
  • Are interactive and invite some audience participation
  • Most important: know to how to inspire people to SELL

Hire our speakers

Asher Strategies features three dynamic, veteran sales keynote speakers to make your next sales conference a resounding success!

John Asher

John is the Founder and CEO of Asher Strategies. He knows his business when it comes to managing growth, having taken one of his former enterprises from startup to an impressive $50 million in annual revenues, in less than ten years.

His penchant for communication and his skill in motivating sales teams of all shapes and sizes has made him a very sought-out speaker, having trained over 35,000 sales professionals in more than 1,200 companies over the past 35 years. When you want the best among sales keynote speakers, look no further than John Asher.

Kyla O’Connell

Looking for a business development expert who can share current, real-world information on what is hot 'in' sales? Then Kyla O’ Connell is your choice.

Kyla is not only a top-producing sales and marketing professional herself, but is also an expert image consultant who has authored works on positive self-image. She travels the world delivering sales training to both Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized businesses, and knows how to motivate a sales team.

Steve Johnson

From his days commanding a nuclear powered fast attack submarine for the US Navy, to his tenure as the Chair for the world’s leading CEO membership organization, Steve Johnson has a breadth of experience tough to match in the corporate sales keynote speaker’s world.

Steve is an expert in selling to the government, having spent 13 years as a senior government buyer who oversaw over $4 billion in equipment and service purchases for the US. Now on the opposite side of the coin, Steve’s inside knowledge is invaluable for any enterprise seeking to enter the lucrative, yet often labyrinthine, field of government sales.

Hiring the right keynote speaker sets the proper tone for the rest of your conference and energizes attendees. Contact Asher Strategies to book one of our top talent today — dates are limited!


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