Sales Motivational Speakers Tips and Tricks

Ever wanted to join the ranks of sales motivational speakers? Perhaps you just want to be a better presenter in general, in case you need to speak in front of a crowd of peers or employees. You don’t have to attend Toastmasters in order to improve your public speaking skills, especially when simply trying to motivate salespeople.

Instead, by dividing your speech into several distinct parts and following some pointers for each, you could increase your confidence and competence as a speaker.

The opener

“Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you just told them.” This is a truism used by sales motivational speakers and lecturers because it helps organize their presentations while aiding in retention by repeating the main point. Your opener should make an impact in some way to get attention, followed by an explanation of the main point of the presentation.

  • Make a big impact with your opener. People remember the beginning and the end.
  • Your opener could be a quick joke, or even a rapid icebreaker game with the crowd to wake them up.
  • Once you open, tell them what they are going to learn from you.

The body of the speech

Here, you “tell them what you are going to tell them.” A few tips from professional sales motivational speakers:

  • Prepare written notes if you need to, but do not rattle them off as if reading a script.
  • Similarly, if using PowerPoint, make each slide concise. It is better to have more slides with fewer bullet points than to pack one slide with too many.
  • Stories are the best way to communicate ideas to a group. A good story draws audience members in, far better than if you stand there spouting facts. Success stories, failures (what did we learn?), quick bios of inspirational people – these are all superb ways to get your point across, especially if conveyed in a way to stir the emotions.

The close

Here is where the “tell them what you just told them” part comes in. Your job here is to remind them of the main points you covered, while also leaving them on an emotional high note. To do this, you need a strong close.

  • Wrap up by reminding them of the main points.
  • To end, a joke or story works well, as this re-engages anyone who might have drifted off during the body of your presentation. Even if the meat of your presentation was not quite a hit, a strong close can win over the audience.
  • Thank the audience and ask them to follow you on your social media channels if appropriate.

I hope the above tips boost your confidence next time you speak in front of a crowd. But if you would prefer having a professional address your audience rather than deliver a speech yourself, you can always hire sales motivational speakers to do the work for you.


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