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Sales Aptitude Assessment Data

In the competitive world of sales, companies are increasingly relying on sales aptitude assessments to identify and hire top-performing sales professionals. These assessments provide valuable insights into a candidate’s abilities, personality traits, and potential for success in a sales role. However, interpreting the data from these assessments requires careful consideration to avoid common pitfalls that Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Interpreting Sales Aptitude Assessment Data

Is there such a thing as a “sales gene?” Well, if we speak of sales ability being part of someone’s “DNA,” then certainly we should be able to break that down further to find THE vital component.

Imagine owning a crystal ball that could predict with a great deal of certainty whether a new employee had “the right stuff” to make it in sales. That would make life as a recruiter or sales manager much easier, wouldn’t it?

In this day and age, possible lawsuits seem to lurk around every corner. There is a reason why most of us have legal on speed dial and know exactly who to talk to — while bottom line profitability is of utmost importance that can come to a grinding halt if your business gets dragged through How Laws Demand the APQ Aptitude Assessment Has Proven Correlation to Performance

Aptitude tests have been used for decades to assist companies in growing their teams. The pre-employment aptitude assessment saves a company time, energy, money, and more importantly, ensures the hire is the best suited for the job.  This article will explain why aptitude assessments are vital for any business serious about transforming their sales team. Want Double Digit Growth? –A Pre-Employment Aptitude Assessment

In our consulting and training practices, we have run across this situation far too often: A sales manager quits or is promoted, leaving a gap. A VP, now faced with either running the sales team himself or finding a replacement ASAP, convinces a top producer to take the reins. Of course, the top producer is Great Companies Use a Great Sales Manager Aptitude Test

I think it is fair to say that all of us in sales management or sales executive positions have made at least one hiring mistake in our careers. It is hard to admit because most of us like to think we are good judges of character and have enough experience and perception to pick winners. Why Aptitude Assessment is Critical to Hiring Salespeople

Sales aptitude testing is an indispensable part of sales improvement. According to Craft Systems, 50 percent of outside salespeople’s results are attributable to their natural talent for the job. This is a sobering statistic for sales trainers like myself, but the good news is that it allows us to build better teams through testing and Sales Aptitude Testing for Beginners

Once salespeople have been trained in the basics of a company’s formal sales process and product offerings, it might be tempting to simply let them out in the field and let them sink or swim. This, however, leads to tremendous waste due to the needless turnover of employees that might have turned into top producers Understanding the Four Personality Types


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