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The human mind can be likened to a sponge which soaks up interesting new knowledge and stores it for later use. Unfortunately, a sponge is also full of holes which can evaporate its contents, similar to how a mind forgets new information within about 90 days. For companies which have just invested tens of thousands How Will My Corporate Sales Team Ever Remember All They Learned in Sales Training

For companies selling B2B, 90 percent of your business next year will come from your current customers: 75 percent from ongoing business and 15 percent from up and cross-selling to them. You should be in continual discussion with your customers, and not just for solving problems. In fact, if the only time you’re talking with Corporate Sales Training – Seven Things NOT to Say to Customers

Corporate sales training can be a significant investment of time, energy, and money. It is usually very worthwhile, but sometimes it is just not in this year’s budget. So what can you do to keep the saw sharp among your salespeople?

While opinions of Trump’s track record in his first few months as President are mixed, no one can argue that he and his administration could do a better sales job in getting his policies accepted by the American people as a whole. In particular, the media seems to act like a very reluctant buyer, mostly In Trump’s Washington, Government Agencies Need Corporate Sales Training

Do you like motivational speakers? Most of us do. They make us feel good and pumped up with adrenaline, at least for a couple of hours. But what happens when the glow of a motivational speech wears off in a couple of days?

Despite their differences, each type of salesperson shares plenty of things in common, including things each looks for in corporate sales training. With so much changing in the sales profession thanks to technology, both inside and outside salespeople need corporate sales training to stay current and relevant. Here are 4 new things both types will 4 New Things Both Hunter and Farmer Salespeople Look for in 2017 Corporate Sales Training

Is having a high IQ necessary to become a successful salesperson? Or is emotional intelligence the key ingredient?

While the basics of sales are universal, the more you can tailor a corporate sales training curriculum to match the local business environment, the better.

Corporate sales training continues to evolve, and you want to make sure you stay ahead of the curve, right?

Corporate sales training can evoke images of a boring lecturer, pacing back and forth in a hypnotic fashion, occasionally writing notes on a large pad or clicking through a dull PowerPoint. This is usually interrupted by at least two instances where the hapless presenter says “whoops” because he has run out of ink, or because Most Commonly Asked Questions about Our Corporate Sales Training


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