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As I discuss in my forthcoming book, Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Methodselling to women requires a slight shift in tactics when compared with selling to men. This is true not only in the consumer world, where many women still occupy traditional roles such as keeping house and raising children, The Secrets of Selling to Women from the Top Sales Training Programs

Top sales training programs come in various guises. Some are 3-day affairs which you must travel to, while others come in DVD format with workbooks which allow you to train in your own conference room. Subject matters run the gamut from basic presentation skills to advanced neuro-linguistic programming theories. Regardless of which program you eventually Tips to Keep Business Sales Training Relevant and Fun

One of the main struggles faced by sales trainers and the businesses they serve is to improve the retention of data by sales training seminar students. Unfortunately, most people forget up to 90 percent of what they learn at seminars within about three months. This is a whole lot of money down the drain. There Using Video for Sales Training Seminar Retention

Top sales training programs have all had to evolve as technology and a global economy have changed the sales game forever. I predict that we haven’t seen anything yet, and that dramatic changes are yet to come. Here are some of my top bets for things which will have a great impact in the next The Future of Top Sales Training Programs: A 10-Year Outlook

Not going to beat around the bush here…follow these 20 tips top sales training programs should be teaching for greater sales success! Some of them are my own, others I have collected through the years from very smart people.

If I had to strip everything out of the top sales training programs except for ONE element, and still deliver content which packs a powerful punch for our client companies, what would this element be?

Top sales training programs can deliver terrific value to companies willing to invest in their people. However, in some cases, sales training can fall flat. If we assume that the training program itself is solid and the trainer competent, then there are three likely culprits. Read on for the main reasons sales training programs fail.

“Average salespeople just don’t ask for referrals.” Kyla O’Connell, Senior Sales Trainer for Asher Strategies, shares this truth and a few other tidbits on referrals in this video below. Watch it (it’s less than 2 minutes long) and then continue reading below for more tips on asking for referrals, a skill all top sales training How to Ask for Referrals from Top Sales Training Programs

A lot of managers find it hard to hire good salespeople. Many of the people they bring into their ranks are not motivated, careless with customers, or otherwise liabilities. It is one of the biggest problems for any company and some of the top sales training programs can help.  So, is there a way to Details on the Three Secrets to Hiring Top 5% Sales Talent

Most sales training workshops do a good job of covering the basics of selling, such as prospecting, qualifying, presenting, handling objections, and closing.


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