Your Companys Best sales training program

Your Company’s Best Sales Training Program

If your firm is seeking revenue growth but has hit a plateau, one of the first logical areas to explore is the sales force and the sales processes which support it. A tendency in some companies is to blame the sales team or its manager and hire a new one, and when that one fails, replace it — repeating this cycle over and over again.

All of this is done in the hopes that a successful team will somehow finally “stick.” But think about all of the wasted time and money this process involves, not mentioning the damage to morale and a poor reputation thanks to disgruntled ex-employees. Isn’t there a better way?

There is. It is called professional sales training program.

Companies have sales training choices

Now more than ever before, companies enjoy a wide selection of sales training programs to choose from. Some are, plainly speaking, a big waste of time and money. Others are good, but are not comprehensive enough to do more than provide a temporary bandage to stop the bleeding of lost profits a poor sales force produces.

So, how do you decide what is the best sales training program for your company, one which will not simply stop the bleeding a bit but will literally transform the way your company does business?

Consider some of the following before choosing the best sales training program

  • Experience. Sales training program is an unregulated industry. All one has to do to become sales trainer is declaring oneself to be a sales trainer — no training or licensing required. This is problematic, as it can result in “the blind leading the blind.”

    An excellent gauge as to whether a sales training firm is legitimately qualified to help your business is that firm’s experience. Ask for testimonials. Contact colleagues in your industry who have done business with them directly. Look for evidence of sales success of client companies, and ask how many people have taken their courses.

    As an example, ASHER Strategies, for sales training programs has trained over 50,000 salespeople over the past three decades, and much of our business comes from word-of-mouth.

  • Expertise in your market. When selecting sales training programs, choose a firm that has expertise in your market and industry. Government and pharmaceutical sales have unique attributes which beg for specialized processes and skills to keep deals progressing through the sales funnel.

    In order to obtain the best sales training program, make sure the firm understands this and has demonstrable success in your field. They can best add value in the processes that you most need improved if they are familiar with your highly specialized industry.

    ASHER Strategies is proud to have worked with companies big and small, in many different fields, and can show a positive track record for companies who have undergone our training.

  • Innovative. Sales is the classic entrepreneurial activity, and it takes “a certain breed of cat” to flourish in it. If your business is seeking to expand its sales and increase its territory, it is likely highly entrepreneurial. When trying to set up the best sales training program possible for your company, seek out those who practice what they preach and act as innovative entrepreneurs, rather than a group of people just implementing a course.

    The benefit when working with like-minded sales training companies is that they will apply some of these entrepreneurial traits to solving issues for your company, rather than assume a “one-size-fits-all” mindset.

    You can expect an engaging, informative training session when working with ASHER Strategies’ sales professionals, who are experts in applying entrepreneurial skills to solving business problems.

The above are just a few of the areas to consider when researching the best sales training program for your company. For more food for thought about sales training, please contact ASHER today

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