Business Sales Training: Top 5 Things to Pick in a Sales Manager Coach

A sales manager coach is recommended for those seasoned professionals who want to take their performance to the next level with business sales training.

By working one-on-one with someone who holds you directly accountable for results while building up your managerial skills, you can break through whatever currently holds you back from guiding your team to maximum success.

All it takes to become a sales manager coach these days is to set up a website and say “I am a coach!” I thought I would provide a few things to look out for when selecting one (as an aside, I have been a sales trainer and coach for longer than the Web has been around!).

Experience as a manager

The challenges of being a manager versus being a salesperson are different.   Your sales manager coach should have plenty of experience on the management side.

When interviewing candidates to invest your coaching dollars in, ask them questions such as “What’s been the biggest challenge you have had to solve as a manager?” or “If you had to do anything over as a manager, what would it be?” and gauge whether they have sufficient expertise to teach you anything.

Personal success

Can your sales manager coach “walk the walk” in real life or is her approach based only on theoretical application?

Ask her about her accomplishments. Does she look successful? Does she carry herself as someone who has achieved success in her career and life? If not, how can she possibly help you?

Creative thinking

It’s not productive to continue to do things the same old way if you are trying to greatly improve your performance. You have to push yourself and think of new ways to generate business.

The best sales manager coach, while hammering in the basics like time management and CRM software discipline, will also inspire you to think out-of-the-box. Look for a coach who solves problems creatively.

An outside perspective

Next, an outside perspective is desirable in sales manager coaches. This is especially true for those sales managers who feel “stuck in,” meaning that all they do is deal with internal problems among staff and customers and have little time for external interaction.

A coach who can provide insight into what works outside of your own company can shake things up in a positive way, leading you to some bright think solutions.


Patience as a teacher

Finally, if there is one thing a coach needs to possess, it is a high tolerance for stupidity. That sounds harsh, but it is really easy to lose patience with someone who just doesn’t “get it” day after day.

Patience to repeat the same lessons over and over; a willingness to forgive mistakes; the ability to comfort a sales manager who is about to give up —in my opinion, these qualities are learned only through experience.

Coaches who are experienced enough to know that if they push their clients through, the results will come, are the best ones to hire. And coaches can only really believe this if they have pushed enough people through. Everyone else is unsure and will back off from doing their job fully.

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