End of Year Awards

Towards the end of each year I, along with many of you I am sure, reflect upon the accomplishments of the past 12 months. And each year, I am more and more grateful for the business I am in and for all the people I get to connect with while consulting, speaking, and training. 

I am also humbled when I or the fine people at my company are recognized in any way, whether it be through an email letting us know how our training has helped close a deal, or through more formal means. We don’t seek any accolades, we simply seek to do the best job possible for the people we serve: the many small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 businesses that rely on us to make better sales teams.

Regardless, it was nice to receive a couple of recognitions which I hadn’t really promoted much, but I will mention briefly here.

First, sometime around April I was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award as a speaker by Vistage International, the premier peer-to-peer networking and mentoring group for CEOs. I have been a Vistage speaker since 1998, and was the first in China, Singapore, and India. I have done over 1,000 presentations to more than 15,000 members. While the Lifetime Achievement Award was a nice feather in my cap, the truth is that I simply love doing these presentations. The biggest reward is forming a personal connection with the great people who drive business forward, so I am humbled to receive a formal recognition.

Second, our blog was named one of the Top 50 Must-Read Blogs on Consultative Selling by Docurated. Maintaining a blog can be a lot of work, but we do it in order to get out important information and be a resource in our space. There are many nuggets of wisdom in the archives, so I encourage you to browse through and share any ones you think a friend or colleague might find valuable.

These were very nice acknowledgements of the work we do at Asher Strategies, but as I mentioned in a recent interview I did with Texas Business Radio, I don’t really teach anything revolutionary. There are no advanced sales skills really, it’s all basics, a lot of which even the greenest rookie already knows something about. The only thing I do is train salespeople to better apply these things to help them make a better living.

With that being said, I look back upon 2016 with great fondness, and look forward to an even more prosperous and productive 2017. If you are a client of our firm already, even if it’s just through our aptitude testing program, I thank you and am grateful for your business. For those who we haven’t done business with yet, I look forward to serving you in the very near future.


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