Selling to the Old Brain and Using Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

Asher Strategies is one of the only major sales training firms which emphasizes science in selling. We pay attention to the newest research surrounding the human mind and how it responds to things. And some of the most interesting developments around using emotional intelligence for sales successinvolve selling to the old brain.

In this blog post, I will introduce several selling principles derived from the latest research. Use them to close more deals by appealing directly to the true decision maker in your buyer’s mind – the old, emotional brain.

Emotion drives all decision-making

If you ever carefully detailed all the rational reasons why something must be a certain way to a child, spouse or co-worker, yet the listener refused to comply with your sound logic, you have experienced the futility of trying to sell to the rational mind.

Even if they nodded their head up and down in agreement or promised to do what you said, their emotional brain was not engaged. It was not sold on your reasons, so it didn’t comply. This provides a new look at things, including your relationships and your business, doesn’t it?

This phenomenon happens all the time in sales. Slick salespeople with high-tech presentations detailing all the amazing features, benefits, even cost advantages fall flat against the salesperson who remembers the kid’s names and the anniversary – even if he has an inferior product and higher price. That’s what it looks like to use emotional intelligence for sales success. It’s because the latter was selling to the old brain by engaging emotionally that he wins the business.

Practical strategies for selling to the old brain

Here are some killer strategies for selling to the old brain which will provide a boost to your bottom line:

  • Do not start your presentation with a description of your capabilities…start with your understanding of their needs. (What’s in it for me?)
  • Eliminate as many corporate buzzwords and technical jargon from your presentations as possible (Keep it simple)
  • Begin and end with a bang and the most important points! (Old brain remembers beginning and end, is asleep during the middle)
  • Speak to your buyers about what clearly makes you different (Clear contrast)
  • Give only two or three clear, understandable choices, even if you sell dozens of things. (Keep it simple/Clear contrast)
  • Use pictures/video/physical ropes, when possible (Images are an old brain stimuli)
  • Use customer stories demonstrating your ROI or ability to solve pain points, because the old brain can feel itself in your story (Engagement)
  • If you’re presentation is dry, add some words likely to elicit emotional/physical responses, such as: hot, warm, delicious, danger, win, lose, thrilling, easy, fun, rich, tasty, juicy. You can literally cause physical sensation, increase salivation, boost heart rate and more with words alone! (Engagement/Excitement)

What would happen to your company if every salesperson knew and could apply these principles day in and day out?

I want you to apply these starting immediately, and drop me a note on our contact us page letting me know the results. I love to hear of your successes! — John


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