Can a Sales Aptitude Test be Faked?

A sales aptitude test is the best way to hand-pick applicants who possess natural sales ability from a pool of applicants. Sales aptitude tests are affordable, convenient, and accurate, with results corroborated against actual sales performance through 20 years of research and 300,000 assessments. A large body of real-world experience and testimonials exists, including that of many of our customers who credit the APQ for revolutionizing their sales staffing efforts.... read more

Sales Aptitude is So Hard to Assess – How APQ Does It

Sports is a multi-billion-dollar industry. While sports superstars get a lot of attention for their individual flair and abilities, teams are predominantly managed to success by statistics rather than personalities. Contributing to this were the results obtained by manager Billy Beane, as famously documented in the hit book and later film, Moneyball. Beane transformed the Oakland A’s into a powerhouse that could stand its own against the likes of the Yankees with a much smaller budget, and he did it by looking at players using different metrics than the traditional ones used by other recruiters.
A similar shift gaining a foothold in sales recruiting. Instead of relying solely on the old methods of selecting “players,” such as the resume and work experience, salary history, personal interviews with tricky questions and similar, a more scientific tool is increasingly used: the sales aptitude assessment. It is only logical — if scientific measurement proves so successful in recruiting sports players, doesn’t it make sense to leverage the same approach in building a winning sales team?
Why the APQ
The best sales aptitude assessment currently available is the APQ, which stands for the Advanced Personality Questionnaire (formerly known as the Craft Personality Questionnaire).
It is an affordable test which takes about 20-30 minutes to take and is available on any internet-connected computer through an ordinary web browser.
The APQ sales aptitude assessment plots the taker’s test scores across several ranges which correlate to low, moderate, and high correlation for success for a given sales role, from outside hunter to inside farmer.
There are nine primary traits which are the most important to determine natural sales aptitude. These are:
1. Intensity/Drive
2. Need for Independence
3. Assertiveness
4. Recognition
5. Need to Analyze
6. Self-Protection
7. Need to serve
8. Trust
9. Optimism... read more

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Why Salesperson Aptitude Rules Success

I might sound like a broken record sometimes on my blog, but I will keep saying this over and over again because it is the absolute truth as proven time and time again:... read more

Why Salesperson Aptitude Rules Success

I might sound like a broken record sometimes on my blog, but I will keep saying this over and over again because it is the absolute truth as proven time and time again:

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Strategic Use of Sales Aptitude Assessments to Build a Top Sales Team

When it comes to sales performance, no amount of training will turn your highly mediocre sellers into sales superstars. The unfortunate truth is that your under performers probably lack something you cannot teach them—natural sales aptitude.... read more

CPQ Sales Aptitude Assessment – 50% of Predicting Sales Success

Update 2017: The CPQ Assessment has been Replaced with the APQ Sales Assessment

The APQ Sales Assessment is the next generation in testing and assessing your team and potential hires. Designed to improve sales performance, coaching and turnover, this 81-question sales assessment saves time and money. ... read more

CPQ Pre-Employment Assessment

I am always seeking the latest and greatest information in the field of sales in order to best serve our clients at Asher Strategies. I have done this for decades because, while the fundamentals of sales don’t really change, there are always new developments which increase the efficiency of how we do things.... read more

CPQ Sales Assessment – Build the Perfect Sales Team

Update 2017: The CPQ Assessment has been Replaced with the APQ Sales Assessment

The APQ Sales Assessment is the next generation in testing and assessing your team and potential hires. Designed to improve sales performance, coaching and turnover, this 81-question sales assessment saves time and money. ... read more

CPQ Aptitude Assessment – Best Fit for Over 30 Job Categories

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CPQ – Craft Personality Questionnaire – The Original

Update 2017: The CPQ Assessment has been Replaced with the APQ Sales Assessment

The APQ Sales Assessment is the next generation in testing and assessing your team and potential hires. Designed to improve sales performance, coaching and turnover, this 81-question sales assessment saves time and money. ... read more

CPQ Sales Aptitude TEST – Not Really a “Test”

Update 2017: The CPQ Assessment has been Replaced with the APQ Sales Assessment

The APQ Sales Assessment is the next generation in testing and assessing your team and potential hires. Designed to improve sales performance, coaching and turnover, this 81-question sales assessment saves time and money. ... read more

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Your Best Salespeople May NOT Work In Sales.

In my long career as a sales trainer, I have come across many best salespeople in diverse industries that shared a similar story: when they embarked upon the search for a career, sales was the last profession they considered. Many started in other jobs and simply “ended up in sales somehow,” often even outperforming  longtime veterans at their new firms.... read more

How Can a $115 Sales Aptitude Assessment Save You $150,000

Regular readers of this blog might wonder why we at Asher Strategies place so much emphasis on giving each and every member of a sales team, from executives on down, a sales aptitude assessment.  After all, most of us pride ourselves on being good judges of character, and a formal interview process should give us more than enough opportunity to gauge whether a prospective employee is a good fit.... read more

How to Find the Perfect Sales Consultant

A company is only as good as its people. Finding qualified candidates for your firm, especially ones which directly impact your bottom line, such as salespeople, can be laborious. While traditional methods such as headhunting and job advertising can provide plenty of leads when searching for new sales consultants, they are generally pricey and flood your recruiting lines with a lot of people who just aren’t good fits.... read more

4 Startling Facts Every Business Owner Should Know

Sometimes in business, we get tunnel vision in regards to what our real problems are and what solutions should be undertaken to fix them. I suspect it happens when business owners either fail to step back and look at the big picture, or when they dismiss the obvious cause of failure simply because “it cannot be that simple.”... read more

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Sales Aptitude Testing for Beginners

Sales aptitude testing is an indispensable part of sales improvement. According to Craft Systems, 50 percent of outside salespeople’s results are attributable to their natural talent for the job. This is a sobering statistic for sales trainers like myself, but the good news is that it allows us to build better teams through testing and identifying the roles employees are best suited for.... read more

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3 Surprising Facts about Salespeople

I consider that an education should last a lifetime, meaning you should never quit learning. Although I have been a sales trainer for a long time, I still consider myself very much a student, and relish finding new things to share with those interested in getting better results and making more money through improved sales techniques.... read more

Understanding the Four Personality Types

Once salespeople have been trained in the basics of a company’s formal sales process and product offerings, it might be tempting to simply let them out in the field and let them sink or swim. This, however, leads to tremendous waste due to the needless turnover of employees that might have turned into top producers with some continuing education in sales.... read more

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