May 4, 2016

What sets the best sales training seminars apart from those which are just ho-hum? Is it the snazzy PowerPoints? The hyperactive sales guru who jumps all over the stage? The coffee and donuts in the back of the room?

I would say none of those. Here’s my take on some of the key ingredients of the best sales training seminars:

Role play important skills

It is not enough to simply hear a sales guru lecture on and on (whether jumping around or not), or read a book. You have to put the information to use. The best way to do this, without losing your cool and blowing real deals, is through role play exercises.

The best business sales trainingincludes at least one role playing session which covers the major things you need to say to prospects when asking for the appointment, presenting, overcoming objections, closing, and asking for referrals.

Encourage you to enter new markets

Have you thought about expanding your service offerings but have been afraid to take the leap? Perhaps you considered opening a satellite office overseas, but held back.

Playing it safe does not make champions.

The best sales training seminars will inspire you enough to make the impossible seem doable and take that step into the unknown — and possibly receive greater rewards in business than you ever had before.

Teach you to mine existing customers for referrals

Just about every “How to Sell!” book ever written talks about how important this is — pretty much every sales training class as well.  Walk around and survey the people sitting in any sales department anywhere in the entire country, and you will find that 99 percent of them fail to do this very simple action effectively: ask their customers for referrals.

The best sales training seminars will teach you how to go about this and provide the proper motivation to just do it.It is so very easy, and so often neglected — and these are quite simply the best leads you will ever get.


Explore new technology

The best business sales training will introduce yourteam members to new technology to make their jobs easier/more fun.


  • live streaming tools such as Periscope to prospect for new leads
  • virtual reality headsets to give prospects tours of your plant
  • podcasts with business-building tips for clients
  • personalized Facebook videos to congratulate customers on new achievements
  • leveraging simple and free Google apps rather than expensive software to coordinate projects and manage customer data in the cloud
  • gamification to increase engagement with prospects
  • personalization across all media (omnichannel marketing)
  • new ways to use your CRM software
  • social media tips and tricks

While you don’t want your salespeople to become obsessed with chasing every new bell and whistle, it does help to keep them abreast of new tools to keep things interesting.

Challenge your people

The greatest salespeople I know are extremely competitive. Even if they are unassuming and quiet in nature (you don’t have to be an obnoxious loudmouth to be a champion seller), they love a challenge and want to win.

The best business sales training challenges your salespeople enough to break them out of any ruts and apply some creativity to their business development approach. Like cheerleaders or great coaches — sales trainers should motivate your team to work harder for the victory.

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