September 26, 2016

Return on investment is an important concept every business professional will be intimately familiar with and it filters into many different aspects of managerial life. Marshalling resources and making the most out of what’s provided are needed skills, and this is especially true in regards to the hiring process.

The costs of making the wrong call when it comes to hiring are very real. According to Bureau of Labor stats, the average cost of hiring the wrong candidate for the job can equal 30% of the first year’s potential earnings. Not only does this negatively affect that ever-important ROI, but it can speak to your leadership and managing skills as well. Making the right call the first time matters.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the APQ sales assessment and how it might be right for your business.

Where do You Rank?

The APQ is a comprehensive questionnaire that charts the personality traits and characteristics of the test taker and ranks them on a range of varying intensity. This data builds a personality profile that can assist you in matching specific jobs types to those with corresponding personality types. If you have need of an empathetic, easy going HR manager, hiring an aggressive, highly assertive personality type likely wouldn’t be the best fit.

It’s important to remember that aptitude accounts for 50% of any given sales person’s success, and that while other factors like motivation and sales knowledge can be learned over time – aptitude can’t be taught. We are talking about the basic selling skill set this sales person came hard wired with, and the APQ tool can be used to find those sales people.

Legally Defensible

Correlation studies show a strong link between high performers on the APQ and high performers in the workplace.

This provides a scientific benchmark to justify hiring practices. The APQ can serve as a legal defense should a disgruntled applicant seek to litigate on the basis of discrimination under the EEOC laws.

User Friendly

Many leading companies have tried to tackle the issue of pre-employment screenings on their own to varying levels of success. When it comes to employee assessment, using a method that is straightforward and simple to understand is key. More complicated or multiphase testing systems can be somewhat opaque and discourage otherwise ideal candidates. The APQ assessment is worded in an easy to understand style and has built-in safeguards from individuals trying to game or cheat the APQ to gain a desired outcome.

The APQ has found uses in multiple sectors, for scores of different kinds of companies, and has saved its users from wasting investment and extra hiring costs. If finding the best employee for a position is important to you, APQ testing is the way to go.

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