April 9, 2017

You can’t save your way to prosperity. You have to invest. By investing wisely, you open the door to high growth. In contrast, by being extremely frugal in order to save money, you risk the chance of any competitor who invests in their business to dominate you.

Corporate sales training is one area where firms serious about high growth must not skimp. Let’s examine the benefits of spending a little now, in order to get a lot in the future.

Revitalize your sales force

The primary benefit of rolling out a comprehensive corporate sales training program is motivation.

Salespeople tend to be a restless lot; especially outside sales specialists. If things stagnate, they can become unmotivated and unhappy. Sending them through a business sales training regimen, you keep things interesting and validate their importance to your company.

You will also increase confidence, especially in those who have never completed formal sales training seminars. I have witnessed dramatic changes in new salespeople after completing one of our sales training programs. The common denominator in each of them was they possessed natural aptitude, but were not confident because they didn’t have formal processes in place. We resolved this and their careers took off.

Less babysitting

Corporate sales training frees up sales managers and executives from having to babysit and solve many of their salespeople’s challenges. Why? Because part of every competent sales training is the establishment of sales processes, which is what every salesperson should be doing every day when they get to work. If they simply follow the process, you don’t have to constantly tell them to make calls, set appointments, research decision makers, follow up, etc. They will already know what to do!

This frees up time for strategic planning, which is what managers and executives should be doing anyway.

More revenue

Last but certainly not least, is more money. A properly trained sales team is the main driver of revenue in just about every company. From SMBs to the Fortune 500, it is the folks who get products and services sold which drive our massive worldwide economy – nothing else. Even those who procure money through government appropriations, such as local townships seeking state funds, are doing a sales job.

It stands to reason that the more proficient your sales force is in the art of selling, the more revenue you will enjoy. And isn’t that why we are in business?

So, the next time you experience heavy reluctance from accountants to open the purse strings to invest in vital corporate sales training, remind them that the reason your firm exists is to make money, not save money. Leave the saving up to the banks, and invest in future high growth through the best business sales training workshops you can afford.