February 20, 2017

Sales training seminars in Washington are plentiful, and some are really fantastic. Others, not so much. So how do you select the best one for your business?

Is the most important thing: notoriety? Length of time in business? Whether the instructor has written one or more books?

Like anything else of quality, the best sales training seminars in Washington have a few characteristics in common. Here are three key ones to look for when shopping around for the best choice for your company.

Instructors experienced in business

The best sales training seminars have at least one highly experienced salesperson involved. Ironically, instructors who have only experienced success in sales might not be the best choice for your company.

Ideally, you want instructors who have succeeded in building their own enterprises in the past, and have also experienced somefailure. If they can relate to going through adverse situations and surviving or rebuilding, they understand the stakes involved in, and the utter importance of, an effective sales program. Hardened sales veterans might also detect warning signs you are heading towards failure yourself, and can advise you on a turnaround.

Role playing or other interactivity

Enduring hours of information overload might result in a notebook filled with notes, this does not guarantee the ability to apply the data. The best way I know to ensure students can actually apply what they learn in seminars and workshops is to get them interacting physically in some form – either through active discussion, demonstration, or role playing.

Cold calling, handling objections, communicating USPs, transitioning to the close – these are just some of the aspects of selling which the best sales training seminars can demonstrate in a real world fashion. If role playing is not an option, students can better retain information simply by discussing with each other how a topic could be applied to a current selling situation.

Geared to your situation

While basics are always good to review, a seminar filled only with basics will bore most experienced salespeople to tears. This demographic is seeking a competitive edge, usually through a technological tool or a process they hadn’t thought of before. For the advanced salesperson, innovative topics such as “How to conduct A/B testing on your landing page to improve signups” are going to get a lot more attention than “How to ask for referrals.” And of course, newbies would not get much value from something like, “Effective coaching for C-suite sales executives.”

  1. The best sales training seminars in Washington address the pains you are currently experiencing, rather than try to be everything to everybody. Ask your prospective training firms how they will customize their offering to your needs.

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