January 18, 2018

Ever see a successful sales person fly by the seat of their pants? They apparently don’t use techniques and skills to close sales, but somehow charm their way into getting orders.

And, in contrast, there might be in the same office a dedicated student of sales, one who reads every book and learns all sales closing techniques by name – but can’t close very much business.

What’s going on here? In truth, the first person probably has a natural knack for sales, and the second doesn’t.The first might last a bit longer at the company, but over time, both of these salespeople will likely be looking for other jobs.

Natural skill must be developed

In the case of the first salesperson, he or she possesses the most important factor in sales success: natural aptitude. They have a huge advantage over the second salesperson.  They can work without much in the way of learned techniques and skills to close sales and make some money, at least at first.

As time goes on, this salesperson will inevitably fail. He or she will get discouraged by blown deals which required more than charm to close. Competition by trained salespeople who possess both aptitude and technique will further leave them in the dust.

One can only fly by the seat of one’s pant for so long before one comes crashing down. One needs to learn the proper techniques.

Techniques must be honed through practice

On the flip side of the coin is the salesperson who knows all the techniques but cannot perform. What is missing here is one of two things. The first is a high natural aptitude. The second is practice.

If the salesperson possesses some degree of sales aptitude, then there is hope. They can stretch aspects of their personality towards the traits which make salespeople successful. They can also practice critical techniques  and skills to close sales through coaching and role play, preferably in formal sessions with their peers, so that these become internalized.

Working on developing their emotional intelligence and how to connect with others will greatly help this second type of salesperson.

Aptitude and training go hand in hand

Developing sales skills in analogous to professional sports. Some athletes are naturally gifted, but if they do not work with a good coach to hone their techniques, they will only go so far. And there are athletes who might not be naturally gifted, but through relentless practice and work on the court or field they can approach a level of skillful competence which sometimes surpasses the naturals.

Sales closing techniques, and their skillful application, are critical to success. The solution is professional sales training. Invest in your future by getting enrolled today. There is a lot to learn, so get started!

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