August 30, 2018

A sales motivational speaker can inspire and educate an audience, but did you know they can also boost growth and revenue immediately? The trick is to strategize their engagement and the content wisely so the keynote solves pressing problems and in this way maximizes relevance and follow-up by attendees.

Here is a step by step methodology to try when seeking to get the most bang for your buck from sales motivational speakers.

Survey to uncover the real issues

Begin with a survey to discover the truth of the existing scene without distortions from your own bias or “yes men.” Too few firms survey employees, customers, and other key stakeholders as a matter of course. This is a mistake, as these surveys will literally explain the state of your business to you and inform what direction to take to improve things.

You can develop an in-depth questionnaire and offer some incentive such as a Starbucks gift card for completion. Or use a variation of the Net Promoter Score survey:

“On a scale of zero to ten, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend or colleague?”

“If you didn’t choose nine or ten, what can we improve?”

Check out some other variations at, and a guide to everything you need to know about Net Promoter Score (NPS) in 2020.

Make a list of the most common issues revealed by the survey answers.

Search for a prophet

The biblical expression, “You cannot be a prophet in your own land” explains the rationale behind hiring a sales motivational speaker. If you’ve ever managed a group of people, you know how formidable it can be for your recommendations to be accepted, especially after they have known you for a while. The propensity is to take you for granted and tune you out.

So be smart. Find a “prophet” to disseminate your message for you, and you will be surprised to see how many people decide, “I should __________” after previously ignoring the same advice when YOU said it.

This requires a speaker who takes the time to understand your goals and tailors their speech to touch on the results you want.

Reinforce the message

Sales motivational speakers should perform a follow-up in some fashion to reinforce the message and hold attendees accountable. This could be as simple as an email saying “It was great to see all of you at last week’s keynote. One of the key points we touched on was how to increase referrals from existing customers. How many of you put it into practice this week? If you need help, please reply to this email.” The speaker can then either forward any replies to a sales manager for further handling, or provide personal coaching if that was provided for in the booking agreement.

This follow up is very important and can be the difference between a so-so ROI and some instant revenue growth through effective selling actions by salespeople.

Sales motivational speakers should do more than leave people feeling good – they can directly impact growth if they align their message with your goals and help reinforce after the fact.