Recognizing The Buyer’s Shift

It’s the magic phrase that is on every salesperson’s mind: “close the sale”. There are many steps to closing the sale, and you must be aware of each. Recognizing the buyer’s shift will put you one step closer to landing that sale. As a professional salesperson, you must be in tune with your buyer. Recognizing Recognizing The Buyer’s Shift

Return-On-Investment Analysis

An ROI analysis is the “why buy at all” segment that is of high significance when relating to the buyer. It is a strategic, honest way of giving the buyer a glimpse at how you can bring them success. Most purchases are made to either solve problems (pain) or grow business (gain). 40% of solutions Return-On-Investment Analysis

Handling Objections

When we hear the beginnings of an objection, our first instinct is to feel rejected. We feel that objection equates to negativity. We shut off and assume the buyer is uninterested. But what if we started to look at objection as a pathway to refining. What if we looked at objection as constructive criticism? When Handling Objections

Motivation – The Sales Manager’s Part

Every sales manager loves team members who are “self-motivated” mainly because it makes their job as manager, well, easier. Just because some people are more “self-motivated” than others doesn’t mean they can’t be even more motivated if the right environment is set in place for them to succeed. A large part of the sales manager’s Motivation – The Sales Manager’s Part

Who Needs Sales Training?

Organizations that encourage even require, sales training each year for their sales and customer facing team members are certainly ahead of the game. Even the most seasoned sales professionals find some helpful tool to take away from ongoing training. But what about other team members who are not directly in sales or customer facing? Is Who Needs Sales Training?

How Important is Natural Aptitude in Sales?

Some professions require a significant amount of natural aptitude to predict success. For example, you must be born with a certain amount of physical attributes to succeed as a professional athlete. Things like strength, agility, coordination are all necessary “born” factors that predict success. Now, these born physical attributes alone will not guarantee success on How Important is Natural Aptitude in Sales?