Simple EQ Lessons for More Sales Success

Greater importance is being paid today to emotional intelligence (EQ) than traditional IQ when it comes to sales success. The shift comes after research has proven that EQ is the major factor to better selling, and this is likely due to emotion being the primary driver of decisions – not rationality or intelligence.

Emotional intelligence for sales success is not a pie in the sky theory, it is an established fact. I go further and emphasize that EQ encompasses all human interaction – not just sales. So it is an important thing to work on, and one which is sadly neglected to date.

So let’s change that. The next step in change (after deciding to change) is education, so let’s explore some simple information on emotional intelligence for sales success which will hopefully lead you to better performance.

Here, I’ll expound on some of the tips provided in an article on CNBC titled “EQ can make you wealthy and successful, according to science—here’s how to build yours.”

Take control

The first tip given is “Take control of your emotional state.” Sage advice, but it’s hard to do unless you know your personality strengths and weaknesses. This can be established through the APQ Sales Aptitude Assessment, a test specifically designed for salespeople, and it provides a great deal of insight.

Once you know your weaknesses, you can work on controlling them. This can take a lot of work. Simply having the awareness that, for example, you are very pessimistic can lead you to actively filter negativity and surround yourself with positive messages. It takes proactive measures to change, and knowing yourself is the key to begin.


One excellent point made in the CNBC piece is “Learn how to lead different personalities.” Part of developing emotional intelligence for sales success is knowing how to relate to and guide personality styles different than yours.

Quoting billionaire Tilma Fertitta, “I treat everybody differently depending on how I’ve evaluated that person.” Wow, that goes against the grain these days, huh? But it’s a workable truth – people like those who are like them and reject those who are different. This is some ancient “hard-wired in our brains” type of stuff. So if you are a fast talker, you need to adapt your speech when dealing with slow talkers – or you won’t sell them.

Treating every person the same, while PC, doesn’t work in sales. That’s what your EQ is for.

Use empathy, even if it’s a challenge

The last point is “Be empathetic.” Emotional intelligence for sales success requires that you stretch yourself out of your weak points. If you are a gruff, “uncaring” person, I don’t believe you should be judged negatively for that, but you do need to work on developing empathy if you want to be successful.

It requires a shift from being “me, me, me” focused to letting others in and caring for their emotions and what happens to them. Naturally empathetic people have no issue with this, and they tend to have a lot of friends. Those on the opposite spectrum tend to be loners or extremely assertive – but fortunately they can, with practice, show empathy which will better their relationships and sales production.

There is a lot more information on EQ in past blog posts, please review and share what you find valuable! Click here to assess your emotional intelligence and see how you could improve in your sales outcome.


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