Sales Training to Drive Revenue by Consistently Closing Leads Faster and at Higher Margins

Asher Strategies offers proven sales training solutions for organizations that are looking for BOTTOM LINE SALES AND REVENUE GROWTH.

Our sales and marketing experts come on site to lead high-impact training sessions geared specifically to your unique challenges. We also offer public monthly training sessions all over the world. Regardless of the format, we can help your company RAMP IT UP!

With over 30 years’ experience and hundreds of successful cases studies across a broad range of industries, Asher is your best choice when selecting a sales training partner.

 Empower Your Sales Team to Succeed

Asher Strategies is the catalyst to improve your entire sales organization from top to bottom using “battle-tested,” effective principles to immediately improve results and your overall growth. Rather than spout philosophy, we have distilled the best actionable sales practices from hundreds of sales leaders into a cohesive system that works in real life, not just in textbooks.

These are the same practices and principles used by world class, Fortune 500 companies — many of whom have been trained by us.

ASHER offers a wide range of training products and services in different formats, all adaptable for your specific market and company:

  • Dozens of public sales training sessions throughout North America focusing on the Top Ten Selling Skills of the Elite salespeople
  • Customizable on-site seminars and workshops to improve sales processes and address specific challenges
  • Exclusive workshops designed for the unique business development challenges of government contractors
  • Continual sales consulting services with monthly webinars and training workshops to “sharpen the saw” and keep your team focused on growth all year
  • On-demand videos and manuals to solve one particular problematic selling skill or to learn at your own pace
  • John Asher as a keynote speaker to motivate and deliver recommendations that attendees can put into action immediately
  • Process workshops review existing sales processes and customer service functions to build a better framework for any team
  • Customized, personal sales coaching for executive leadership to improve management skills and growth leadership

 Prepare for global business

In today’s globalized business climate, companies can now reach markets previously out of reach. While this presents tremendous opportunity for expansion, it also means increased competition from sophisticated overseas firms looking to capture your customers.

With extensive experience and offices in Asia, Asher Strategies is positioned to help you defend your current customer base and simultaneously expand your presence with the cutting edge tools needed to do business in this global market.

Navigating overseas business can be tricky — so make sure you have an expert on your side when you do so.

 Partner with Asher and Get Real World Expertise and RESULTS

Asher Strategies has trained more than 70,000 salespeople all over the world, conducted hundreds of sales process improvement workshops, and facilitated countless strategic planning sessions, delivering outstanding results to both mid-size and Fortune 500 companies.

We can help you develop a world class sales team through improved hiring methodologies, targeted sales training, performance coaching, lead generation practices, sales funnel management, leadership development, and overall sales process improvement.

Companies that partner with Asher typically see:

  • 17% increase in sales from acquisition of new customers
  • 45% reduction in sales cycle time
  • 22% increase in sales of high-margin, add-on business to current customers

Contact us today to explore how your Asher Strategies can achieve these dramatic improvements in your company.


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