How the Navy Helped Me Create Business Sales Training for Washington DC Professionals

When you are in a submarine several hundred meters below the surface of the ocean, any mistake can be potentially catastrophic. Especially when you are powered by a small nuclear reactor and are carrying nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and torpedoes.

With several periods of being completely submerged for sixty days, boredom and tension spring up, and things can get a little sloppy. Under those conditions, it takes a big sales job to keep a crew motivated, sharp, and applying the best practices in running a ship 100 percent correctly so we both accomplish our mission and make it back home safely.

As Captain of two nuclear fast-attack submarines during my Naval career, this is how I first learned to sell. These experiences form the basis of business sales training for Washington professionals which I developed.

Success is simple

The first thing I learned is that keeping things simple saves lives and keeps the show on the road. A nuclear sub is complex. But by organizing things into steps and repeatable processes, running it became simple for the well-drilled crew.

In developing business sales training for Washington DC professionals, I took that lesson and applied it to the art of selling. I created a process for success for every activity based on my own sales experience and the best practices gleaned from many sales experts.

By doing this, my students have found selling to be simpler, more enjoyable, and more profitable. There just isn’t as much guesswork – they simply follow the steps and get results.

Precision and discipline are key

I believe my business sales training for Washington sales professionals works because it is not full of fluff. In the military, there is no room for a lack of discipline or wasting time by introducing unnecessary actions. These things cause missions to fail or get you and your shipmates killed.

Asher Strategies sales training is focused and precise because I adopted this mindset while developing it. Every piece of the curriculum has been thoroughly tested and you won’t find useless filler.

You need friends in high places

Another lesson I learned in the Navy which directly impacted my development of business sales training for Washington DC professionals is the importance of having an insider or coach to help your cause.

When I moved on to a job as a program manager in the Pentagon, I was nearly stalled by a $50 million shortfall. Fortunately, I had a strong relationship with a senior staffer on the Armed Services Committee. Thanks to his connections and authority, he helped me procure the money I needed — money which was impossible to obtain through normal channels.

With B2B sales, it is the same thing. You often need an insider who can coach you in how best to sell a prospect they are connected with, and even do some of the sales job for you. Social media makes discovering these coaches much easier, thankfully!

There are many more lessons I learned from my years in the Navy. Enough to fill a book, even. Hmmm…maybe I should start writing one!

In the meantime, please contact me here to learn more about my business sales training for Washington DC professionals (and beyond).



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