Why Are There So Many Different Sales Training Workshops

Why are there so many different workshops to choose from for you or your sales team? Do we really need hyper-specific courses, such as the 75+ ones listed by this company alone?

I don’t believe so. I believe that the basics of selling can cover most industries, and if you understand how humans make decisions (emotionally, not rationally) you will be able to sell anything to anyone.

There are, however, a few specific sales training workshops I would recommend after one completes basic training.

Government sales

Selling in Washington D.C. can be daunting for the uninitiated. Sales training workshops which cover the specific pitfalls and best practices for success in government sales would therefore be highly recommended for anyone seeking a foothold in this very lucrative market.

Look for trainers who have experience selling to the government market. There are dynamics at play in government sales found nowhere else, and a host of acronyms and special terminology to acquaint oneself with before you will be taken seriously.

Selling to the old brain

Another specialized group of sales focused workshops deals with selling to the emotional, reptilian brain. Science has identified many of the primal drivers and cognitive biases used to make decisions, and this knowledge is highly useful to anyone in sales and marketing.

You can be well-versed in handling objections and knowing closes verbatim, but your achievements will soar to great heights when you marry that knowledge with an understanding of how to trigger the emotional brain.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

EQ is a hot new topic in the sales training workshops industry, and with good reason. It is based on science and it works. The basic premise is that understanding and controlling your own emotions, and understanding the emotions of others, is far superior to having a high IQ when it comes to sales success. Some would say EQ is more important period, in all aspects of living.

People with high EQ can relate better with others, and this leads them to make more desirable decisions. That’s what sales is all about.

Management training

Managing salespeople is very different from selling. Specialized sales training for managers which cover the leadership side are worth the investment. They deal not only with leadership skills, but also cover important administrative tools.

Most salespeople would be bored to tears attending management training classes, which just proves how specialized sales management is and how not every great salesperson automatically qualifies to manage.


While coaching is not a workshop per se, it is included here since many training firms offer it. I believe it is very worthwhile to receive individualized sales coaching. Even as little as one hour per month can improve performance dramatically. There is something about being accountable to an external party which motivates many salespeople to perform beyond expectations.

There is a plethora of sales training workshops to choose from. You don’t need most of them. Choose one which teaches the basics, and follow up with appropriate extras as described above, and you will become a top salesperson without spending all your time in training.


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