Why Asher Offers the Best Modern Sales Training Seminars

Discuss how the book, focus on old brain and the psychology of selling, and EI impact has revolutionized John’s sales training seminars.

What sets excellent modern sales training seminars apart from others? I think to gauge that, you have to understand how the mind works, and therefore how people buy. And only those which incorporate the latest science about the psychology of selling in their curricula are worthy of being called “excellent” and “modern.”

First, I want to clarify there is a tremendous amount of value in “old school” sales training seminars and systems, such as those delivered by Nightingale and Carnegie. These have provided the foundation for many a sales career, and they are still very useful. However, they lack some important new data.

Emotional Intelligence

One important stress of modern sales training is knowing yourself and your attitude towards others. This is because your personality can directly impact how others perceive you, and therefore whether they want to buy from you. This is senior to whether you have the best service or cheapest price or not.

You need to understand your personality strengths and weaknesses in order to s-t-r-e-t-c-h certain traits to better sell to certain people. Everyone knows about the different buyer types, but not many understand themselves and how to adapt to different buyers. The Advanced Personality Questionnaire provides this insight.

Selling to the old brain

Another aspect of sales missed by all but the most modern sales training seminars is selling to the old brain (emotional, reptilian brain). Some training firms have an inkling of this when they stress that people buy emotionally, but that is oversimplified and doesn’t really inform you how to apply it to your day-to-day selling.

On the other hand, at Asher we teach you how to sell to the old brain – the words to say and techniques to use. This is something very different from other sales training firms, and is based on the latest neuroscience.

Of course we also teach many traditional aspects of sales, such as prospecting, handling objections and closing, and we have modernized it all for today’s tough business climate. And selling to the old brain is a big part of it.

Close Deals Faster

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It condenses knowledge gained from studying over 300 sales tomes as well as more than three decades in sales. You will gain practical skills useful for day to day selling – and you will close deals faster when you apply them.

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