What’s New in 2018 for Sales Training Seminars

The new year is well underway, and I am happy to say that sales training seminars are not the “same old – same old.” This year promises to build on many exciting new developments made in 2017. New technologies, improved science in sales techniques, and steadily improving teaching techniques are being incorporated by top sales training companies.

Let’s explore four of these key changes making headlines this year.

Technology evolution

To be honest, I thought we’d be a bit farther along with the technology used to deliver sales training seminars. The preferred format seems to remain a classroom or conference-type environment with several presenters and PowerPoint presentations. Some technological advances, such as videos and online learning, have emerged. But it seems most company sales teams still prefer to meet as a team and like to learn face-to-face.

Where technology is proving invaluable is in retention after the fact, just in time training. Most trainees lose 80 percent of what they learn in 90 days, but tools such as mobile apps, Skype coaching, YouTube and web training portals are helping salespeople retain information much longer. More importantly, these tools encourage actual application in the job and therefore boost ROI. Expect refinements in this area as 2018 continues.


EQ is short for emotional intelligence. It refers to one’s ability to understand one’s own emotions and that of others, and how they are affected. When one possesses or develops a strong EQ it fosters better salesmanship and interpersonal relationships.

The best sales training seminars are focusing on emotional intelligence in 2018 to give salespeople an edge. Its not enough to know sales closing techniques if you are delivering them without an emotional connection to the buyer – even in B2B sales.

Science of selling

Because sales is such a relationship-based profession, and human relationships tend to be viewed unscientifically, a lot of sales training programs omitted the science behind the techniques which make selling possible.

In 2018, science is returning to sales training seminars. This includes the aforementioned emotional intelligence, but also encompasses things like neurolinguistic programming techniques and selling to the old brain, as explained below.

Selling to the Old Brain

Using the “old brain” scientific principles is an extremely exciting addition to sales training seminars in 2018. Understanding how the brain actually functions in a sales meeting, both the salesperson and the buyer, adds a totally new dimension to how your sales pitch is being received. An understanding of these principles can give you a huge advantage over the competition.

Basically, you can get much better results when you address your sales efforts to the buyer’s old, or reptilian, brain. This is the emotional brain, which makes decisions in primal ways, rather than using the rational (logical) brain. If you fail to engage this brain, nothing happens. This is backed up by a lot of science, and the best sales training programs will share this science with their students.

Alright, I hope this paints a picture of where the best sales training seminars are heading in the very near future. Asher Strategies will always remain on top of the leading edge in sales training to provide best-in-class instruction to our customers which drive bottom line results. If you haven’t partnered with us yet, what are you waiting for?


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