Why Asher 1-Day Sales Training Workshops Deliver the Maximum Results in Minimum Time

Sales Training Workshops

We pack a lot of information into our one-day sales training workshops. There is so much data to share, and so little time in a day, sometimes I wonder how we pack so much in.

I guess it goes back to the philosophy I adopted in my days as captain on two fast-attack nuclear subs. In that environment, following the exact efficient processes is what led to success (and survival of the crew). These processes also had to be drilled, repeatedly.

When I developed our sales training workshops, I applied the lessons I learned in the Navy to deliver the best results possible for our customers.

No fluff

The first component which makes oursales training workshops able to deliver so much valuable data is discrimination. The definition of that word I am using here is “the quality or power of finely distinguishing.”

With the endless books, lectures, and videos on sales, the power of discrimination was important to pick only the best of the best – techniques which were most workable in real life situations most salespeople face. These were tested and coupled with techniques compiled from personal experiences.

Our sales training workshops teach the way we, the Asher team, actually sell. No fluff.


When people attend sales training workshops, their usual fear is they will be subjected to hours of presenters droning on and on, broken up only by the occasional intermission for donuts and coffee. Oh, and bland PowerPoint presentations to accompany the droning, to boot.

We take steps to avoid this sort of thing. Our one-day program includes plenty of interaction to keep things lively and the audience interested. We invite attendees to ask questions, share scenarios, and talk among their peers to glean even more insight than what we are delivering.

Role Play

The final component which maximizes the effectiveness of our one-day sales training workshops is role playing. Setting appointments, handling objections, asking for the sale – these are typical role play items.

Why is this so important? It is because without role play, people simply tend to forget the material they learn, or they do not feel comfortable applying it in real sales situations. It is similar to conducting emergency drills on a sub – you practice until people can do them effortlessly. Sales training requires a similar tactic.

Role play is not intended to put anyone on the spot or to prove how much better one student is over another. It is a valuable training tool, and we highly encourage customers to continue role playing at their weekly sales meetings.

Asher Strategies sales training workshops pack a lot of punch for a one-day affair. But we also offer more comprehensive training options. These include specialist courses on government sales, advanced selling skills, self-guided training, and more. Please visit our sales training page to find out more, or feel free to drop us a line.


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