Match Your Sales Training Workshop to Your Size, Culture, and Growth Goals

Sales training workshops are not a one-size-fits-all affair. They should be selected after taking into consideration your size, culture and growth goals – or you might create a mismatch between your trainees’ expectations and the curriculum offered.

Are you a start-up bent on staying nimble and aggressive? An established multi-national with a large footprint? Or somewhere in the middle?

Here are a few pointers to make the best choice.

Introductory seminars

Intro sales training workshops, such as our Top 10 Selling Skills Seminar, are well suited for small to mid-size businesses with a less experienced, yet nimble sales force. Both smaller company size and openness to new ideas by younger salespeople lend themselves to quick bullet-points of the most salient information needed to motivate and arm salespeople with real-world skills.
Introductory sales training workshops are also suitable for the large enterprise customer who needs to train a new sales force en masse, such as when using an RPO service to man up a new call center or expand overseas.

Comprehensive training

For most enterprise-level businesses (Fortune 500-type), with a lot of moving parts and a formal corporate culture, you likely need a comprehensive training line-up featuring the more advanced courses, such as our Advanced Sales Training – Neuroscience Based. While the basics are reinforced, advanced sales training workshops go in-depth for the B2B salespeople, managers and executives dealing with complex transactions and multiple decision makers.

Smaller firms who are ready to boost their growth and pursue bigger markets can also benefit from advanced training to take their businesses to the next stage in development.

Specialist Training

Most training firms offer specialist sales training workshops which hew closer to the unique spaces some companies occupy in the market.

For example, in the Washington DC area, we deliver our Top Ten Business Development Skills for Government Contractors workshop. This covers best practices for business development for government contractors and their program managers. This training is a must-have for both smaller firms and large companies due to the requirements of operating in this market – which definitely has its own individual culture.

Likewise, our Sales and Marketing Process Improvement Workshop addresses the challenges faced by companies whose current culture creates significant pipeline churn and other waste. Current sales processes are audited and gaps to best practices are addressed, leading to better sales for relaxed, Silicon Valley-type work environments without a lot of other set processes.

The best approach is to determine what your growth goals are, and contact the sales training firm to discuss your current culture and what you would like to modify about it. Every firm needs to self-examine and adjust itself, and sales training workshops attuned to size, culture, and growth goals are an excellent vehicle to achieve this.


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