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Decoding Success: The Sales Test - Hunter vs. Farmer Approach

In the dynamic world of sales, professionals often find themselves at the crossroads of identifying their natural selling style. Are you the go-getter, always on the hunt for new opportunities? Or do you thrive in cultivating long-term relationships, nurturing them like a seasoned farmer tends to their crops? Welcome to the realm of the Hunter Decoding Success: The Sales Test – Hunter vs. Farmer Approach

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

Emotional intelligence for sales success is no longer a maybe, it is a bona fide requirement for anyone involved in customer-facing positions. We have seen examples of how poor EQ has impacted businesses, such as the Starbucks debacle earlier this year, where the desire to enforce well-meaning corporate policy resulted in the unfortunate arrest of 3 Reasons Your Reps Need to Up Their Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

emotional intelligence for sales success

The absolute best way to tell if someone possesses the emotional intelligence for sales success before hiring them is the Advanced Personality Questionnaire. The test will surface the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate immediately after taking the 25-minute quiz. But what if you have to make a snap decision, with no possibility of getting The 5-Minute EI Assessment for Sales Success

One of the first priorities when meeting with a prospect is to establish rapport. This can involve some initial small talk about common interests, noticing something in the prospect’s home or office to talk about, or even some innocuous subject such as the weather or sports. Unfortunately, these efforts fall flat sometimes. A talkative salesperson You CAN Grow Your Emotional Intelligence and Sell More


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