The Hottest LinkedIn Trends from The Best Sales Training Seminars

The social media landscape shifts at lightning speed, and salespeople who rely on platforms such as LinkedIn for prospecting and building awareness about their companies are hard-pressed to keep up.

Some of the “trends” are really just fads, and not worth your time pursuing. The best sales training seminars can help you identify which activities are going to result in more leads, and which ones are likely to fall flat.

Here are some LinkedIn trends I think will continue to heat up.


Right now, publishing video to LinkedIn is limited to embedding content from external websites such as YouTube or Vimeo. However, the site recently started hosting videos itself, apparently taking a cue from Facebook which is enjoying a deluge of user-generated video content – and taking eyeballs away from YouTube.

While currently limited to a small amount of influencers, I expect LinkedIn to allow all users to upload videos soon. In addition to pitching their current company’s products and services, members will also upload video resumes to make themselves more attractive to recruiters.

The best sales training seminars will stay on top of these developments and develop best practices once LinkedIn video is available to all.

Increased content curation and self-publishing

While Facebook has become a pay-to-play platform, with companies required to shell out cash to make their posts visible to the people that follow them, LinkedIn shows your posts to all of your connections.

This makes it a great platform for content marketers and salespeople who don’t wish to invest in sponsored posts. They can put their time and energy into writing original posts or scouring the web for high-quality content to share with their “audience” (followers or connections) and know that they will appear in timelines.

The best sales training seminars teach you how to leverage this advantage and share content which provokes engagement.


Managing various social media accounts can be a pain in the neck. Hootsuite and other tools like Buffer help automate a lot of the drudgery – such as posting. You can devote a two-hour block of time and schedule your LinkedIn posts for the next 30 days all at once, rather than log in daily to post via the native interface.

Some automation tools will recommend content for you to share, or even auto-visit profiles of those you want to attract attention from in the hopes they see you in the “Who’s viewed your profile” function.

The best sales training seminars not only teach you how to automate your posting and curation efforts, but also teach you how to dive deep into the analytics afterwards to determine what is working and what isn’t.

I hope these hottest LinkedIn trends from the best sales training seminars provide you with the motivation to increase your activity on LinkedIn. It really is a great platform for sales and business people in general, and we at Asher Strategies use it in many creative ways which I will be glad to teach you at one of our upcoming seminars. Visit our website to see when we will be in a city near you!


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