How Top Sales Training Programs Like Asher Stay Current

The top sales training programs in the world are consistently filled with both fresh faces and repeat attendees due to the results they deliver. A desperate, struggling company can be salvaged through effective sales training, and it is no understatement to say that training is one of the most important investments a company can make.

One of the characteristics of top sales training programs is they offer information which is extremely relevant to today’s business climate. The only way they can do this is by staying current on things such as macro and micro trends in the market, sales and marketing technology, and digesting firsthand accounts from salespeople on the front lines.

Asher Strategies prides itself on delivering practical training with as much leading edge information as possible. Here are ways our sales trainers stay current.

We sell day in and day out, just like the people we train

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have to actively create sales opportunities in order to keep the company successful. There is no resting on our laurels or thinking our pipeline is ever full enough. On a daily basis, we actively employ the same techniques and tools we use with our trainees: face-to-face networking, social media networking, internet marketing, email marketing, mailers, formal sales processes, refined closing techniques, etc.

The top sales training programs have active, experienced salespeople as trainers. We don’t dispense wisdom from an ivory tower, we are out there selling to earn our revenue and commissions just like you.

We engage with our students and to find out what real-world issues they face and how they are solving them

Our next best source of information on what new challenges the market is presenting for each industry is our client base. We interact heavily with our trainees during our workshops and even more so during our one-on-one coaching programs in order to find out what they are facing in order to develop the best possible solutions. Sometimes, the students themselves come up with the answers, and we share with others facing similar sales snafus.

Top sales training programs modify their curricula based on the day-to-day problems faced by contemporary salespeople and the most efficient way to solve them.

We network with other sales trainers

While we try to keep a few things up our sleeve to retain our advantage in the training market, we also share plenty of information with other professionals in our field. The top sales training programs are delivered by a relatively small group of elite trainers, and our community interacts at conferences, online forums, and social events to share the latest in sales technology and processes.

The reasoning behind this is “a rising tide lifts all boats,” meaning that as the sales training community shares information among its members and therefore delivers better results, more and more firms will seek training – benefitting us all.

If you would like a great mix of back-to-basics selling techniques combined with the most current sales technology tools and processes, please give us a call today to explore how we can work together to improve your sales.


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