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3 Powerful Sales Closing Questions That Will Seal The Deal

Closing a business deal with any prospect can be an anxious experience. They may have loved your demo and seem highly interested, but nothing is official until you get pen on paper. So what comes next? How do you show your prospect you’re serious about getting a deal done and ready to move this conversation 3 Powerful Sales Closing Questions That Will Seal The Deal

Sales Coaching is The Best Way to Empower Your Sales Team

We have all heard the phrase ‘it’s time to sink or swim’ before. While this may be a great thing to tell your football team who is losing at halftime, or what you said before a test in high school, it is not a good ideology for managing your sales reps. You need to empower Sales Coaching is The Best Way to Empower Your Sales Team

Why Sales Negotiation Skills Are Important

Outside of the business world being a good negotiator is a useful skill. Being able to get a good price on a new car or convince someone to do something for you, are both helpful. However, in the world of sales being a good negotiator is necessary. In the business world, your job is centered Why Sales Negotiation Skills Are Important

Virtual Sales Training

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s no secret the world has gone digital. More people are working from home than ever before, and now it’s by choice, not a necessity. Pew Research found that 59% of Americans are working from home all the time, and 18% some of the time. The fact of the matter is 8 Essential Elements of Virtual Sales Training

Benefits of Hiring a Sales Consulting Firm

When sales revenue starts to decline or plateau it can become very frustrating for business leaders and CEOs. Even if your revenue is growing, maybe you just don’t feel like your company is living up to its full potential. Regardless of your situation sometimes it just feels like you have exhausted every strategy and still Benefits of Hiring a Sales Consulting Firm


Fred Diamond: John has been a frequent guest. He’s the Alec Baldwin of the Sales Game Changers podcast, for you SNL fans. John, I believe maybe this is your sixth appearance on the Sales Game Changers podcast. John was also the Institute for Excellence in Sales Member of the Year 2021. John, you’ve helped so John A Guest for Sales Game Changers Podcast

In this final piece of John Asher’s series on Digital Transformation. Do you think your company has already been digitally transformed? How about your sales team? This isn’t just for larger companies. Smaller companies are in trouble because with AI, it’s easier and almost effortless for larger companies to dominate the areas that were formerly What Buyers are Telling Us About Digital Transformation

In today’s world it can feel impossible for sales managers to stay on top of their day-to-day assignments: from the groundwork of producing reports, to the pressure of meeting sales targets, all while managing, motivating and fulfilling the sales training role for a diverse team of salespeople with their own motives and methodology to meeting How to Retain Top Talent and Drive Productivity with Sales Training

Did you know that 10% of buyers will spend up to a million dollars a year per transaction without ever speaking to a sales rep? 30% will buy up to have a million per transaction without ever speaking to a rep. Digital transformation is here to stay. For many companies, it’s a game of catch-up. 5 Ways the Buyer’s Behavior has Permanently Changed

John talks about the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 rule. People are interacting with buyers 1/3 of the time in person, 1/3 of the time on a remote platform like Zoom or the final 1/3 of buyers are just buying themselves on companies’ websites, eCommerce sites, interactive portals, sometimes even mobile apps. All that face-to-face we were The Five New Skills Sales Professionals Need


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