April 29, 2017

small class size sales training workshops

You don’t need a massive group to conduct successful sales training workshops. In fact, those huge mega-seminars with 30-foot projection screens and the fancy light shows might be counter-productive and a waste of money.

Here are 5 benefits small-group sales training workshops have over the “shock and awe”-style seminars.

1. Customization

When you contract with a small-group sales training provider, your package should be customized to your needs. If your firm does a lot of sales to government contractors, then that is a specialization which should be addressed with exact materials in addition to the general curriculum.

2. Individual attention

It is impossible to devote sufficient attention to any individual’s difficulties in sales training seminars with 500 attendees. Anyone who has endured a college professor’s lecture in a large room with a couple of hundred students can relate to the difference between this and a small classroom with perhaps two dozen. The smaller group is more intimate and everyone’s questions can usually be addressed.

3. Faster pace

When dealing with large groups, things tend to bog down as the presenter waits for people to catch up, people ask time consuming questions, or technical issues crop up. Smaller groups can get through the course material faster due to fewer interruptions and more intense focus. And in the cases where things do go awry, small group sales training workshops allow the instructor to regain control much more quickly.

4. Peer engagement

I feel people learn best from their peers. There is something about social proof from fellow salespeople (“I could have used this on a deal last month,” “This is great info,” etc.) which makes the material stick better.

Sales training seminars with fewer people enable attendees to feel comfortable with each other and engage in a more intimate fashion – and some terrific learning occurs in this type of setting.

5. More affordable

Hosting sales training workshops in large convention centers is an expensive affair. Guess who ends up paying for the extra cost? Small group training sessions can be done in smaller conference rooms or at a company’s headquarters or branch office. This can shave hundreds of dollars in tuition for each student, while getting all of the benefits described in points 1 to 4 above.

Asher Strategies delivers corporate sales training workshops to both Fortune 500 companies and midsized firms. If you are intimidated by the thought of contracting with a big sales training firm and shelling out thousands of dollars for an impersonal experience, you can put those fears aside when you deal with us.

Please contact one of our sales training specialists who will plan out a cost-effective training regimen. Our training seminars will be one of the best investments you could make in your business!