November 20, 2016

Corporate sales training can evoke images of a boring lecturer, pacing back and forth in a hypnotic fashion, occasionally writing notes on a large pad or clicking through a dull PowerPoint. This is usually interrupted by at least two instances where the hapless presenter says “whoops” because he has run out of ink, or because he has to restart the PowerPoint after a crash (and you get to enjoy his cluttered desktop icons while he sorts things out with the tech guy).

I know because when I started my career in sales many years ago, this was usually the spectacle my colleagues and I had to endure when our company hired a corporate sales training firm.

In other words, ugh.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Asher Strategies is a leader in corporate sales training because of our focus on interactivity, role-playing, and audience engagement. We’re different.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our corporate sales training which explains how we are better.

1. What’s the typical ROI from your corporate sales training?

The American Society of Training and Development reveals that sales training can boost a salesperson’s performance by 50%. From my own experience, 20 percent increases in a company’s revenues are not uncommon, and I have also seen salespeople go from average to superstar in a short period of time. Like everything else in life, it depends, but training the right people in the first place helps improve ROI dramatically.

2. How much does it cost?

We are competitively priced, and we don’t publish our rates because every company’s situation is different. In other words, we can put packages together which lower your costs, so we’d rather have a quick conversation with you about what you are trying to achieve in order to provide our very best price.

3. Do you provide one-on-one coaching?

Yes, graduates of our sales training workshops who have their basics down can and should continue their progress through one-on-one coaching with us. It is simply the best way for us to fine tune the performance of both individual salespeople and the entire sales department.  Executive coaching is also available and recommended for the C-suite.

4. What is different about your curriculum?

I am not a fan of airy-fairy theories. While I do use some concepts derived from NLP, which do work, my focus as a sales trainer is on real-world, meat and potatoes selling. Prospecting. Using the Internet for leads. Making appointments. Basic presentation skills. Sales process checklists. Handling objections. Understanding buyer personas. CLOSING.

So, you get some theory of course, but Asher Strategies focuses most on the day-to-day practical skills a sales department and its people need to succeed.

5. What is the first step I should take?

Give all of your customer facing people the APQ Personality Assessment to determine who has the most natural sales talent. Then, send the most promising through our corporate sales training. All you need to do to get started is call us at 866-833-9939 or fill out or contact form.