The “Everybody is in Sales” Philosophy

There are a number of reasons that “Everybody is in Sales” philosophy has become mainstream thinking for CEOs and their Executive Team.

First:  There has been a lot of research in this subject by Charles Swab, the Ziglar institute and Dan Pink.  In Dan’s book, “To Sell is Human” he claims that 1 in 9 of us have sales in our title; VP Sales, Sales Manager, Sales Director, Sales Rep, etc. and the   other 9 of us are in sales also.  We are:

  • Selling ourselves
  • Selling our ideas
  • Selling to our boss
  • The boss is selling to us
  • We are selling to the bank to get more capital
  • The bank is selling to us to get our business

So we are all in sales.

Second:   More and more sales are technology based.  Buyers would much rather talk to a SME with deep technical expertise than to a salesperson who is trying to sell them something.

Third:   Because of the wide participation in social media, more people in the company are interacting with customers and prospects.

Fourth:   All conversations any of our associates have with customers and prospects either enhance or detract from their impression of our company.  There are very few neutral conversations.

Fifth:   Many of the fundamental sales skills taught to salespeople such as:

  • How to build rapport
  • How to read body language
  • How to be a perfect listener
  • And how to expertly describe the company’s offerings apply to any associate who interacts with a customer or prospect.

Sixth:  In the last ten years, we have learned so much about emotional intelligence and how important it is for all human interactions.

Seventh:  Because of all these reasons, CEOs are learning that embracing the “Everybody is in Sales” philosophy gives them a strong competitive advantage.

Get Everyone on the Team into Sales

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