Find The Sales Gene with APQ Sales Aptitude Assessment

APQ sales aptitude assessment testing for sales geneIs there such a thing as a “sales gene?” Well, if we speak of sales ability being part of someone’s “DNA,” then certainly we should be able to break that down further to find THE vital component.

We have. It’s called sales aptitude. And we have a way to identify if you, your staff, and your prospects have it: The APQ sales aptitude assessment.

What is the sales gene?

Why do we call natural aptitude the sales gene? It is because it is the single most important determining factor in sales success. In fact, 50 percent of sales success comes from possessing the sales gene – a natural knack for selling.

I know you are probably thinking, “Wow, does this fly in the face of the platitude that anyone can do anything they set their mind to, or what?”

I realize it does. It is not very politically correct to say. But I would be doing you a very big disservice to sugar coat the truth, which is: NOT everyone can become a successful salesperson – even with corporate sales training.

How the APQ sales aptitude assessment detects the sales gene

Through a series of questions and scientific analysis of the responses, personality traits are revealed in test takers which might otherwise remain uncovered.

A test taker’s scores are plotted against ideal ranges for these Primary Traits:

  • Intensity/Drive

  • Independence

  • Need to Analyze

  • Need to Serve

  • Assertiveness

  • Self-protection

  • Drive for Recognition

  • Interpersonal Trust

  • Optimism

  • plus secondary traits, such as Achievement Motivation and Employment Stability

When most scores fall within the ideal ranges for each trait, then you know that your candidate has the sales gene in their DNA, and it is worthwhile to hire them and invest in sales training to unlock their potential.

What happens if most of the scores are in range, and a few lie outside the ideal? Well, each APQ comes with comprehensive coaching tools to help candidates improve their traits.

Why your company should sign up for the APQ today

Top performing salespeople all score high on the APQ for their specific job role. Through testing, you can find these individuals at the onset of the hiring process and save yourself the endless grief that can come from hiring the wrong people.

Plus, the APQ sales aptitude assessment only takes about 20 minutes to complete. It can be done from any computer with an internet connection. It is affordable (especially if you take advantage of our substantial bulk discount).

Finally, we have certified APQ specialists at Asher Strategies that can guide you every step of the way: from getting your people set up in the system, to taking the test, interpreting results, and coaching for improvement. When you sign up for the APQ with Asher, you get an entire support team of experts who enable you to get the most value from your testing program.

Talk to an APQ sales aptitude assessment specialist today. Call (866) 833-9939


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