What Would Dale Carnegie Say About Asher Sales Training Workshops?

There are few names that truly require no introduction, and Dale Carnegie would be one of those few. While being most strongly associated with sales training, his influence is felt in many other arenas, and he is often quoted for his practical, everyday wisdom. Professionals from all backgrounds and many others such as students, community leaders and those seeking self-improvement have utilized lessons learned in books such as his seminal work, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People.’

Of course, his most popular work involved his corporate sales training process and his approach to sales overall. If we could ask Mr. Carnegie today, what would he — the grandfather of modern sales training and seminars — have to say about Asher sales training workshops?

It’s About People

Carnegie was very focused on effectively relating to people and active listening. One of his most famous quotes: “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” He believed through active listening and taking an interest in the customer, you could establish trust and easily facilitate a sale.

In an Asher sales training workshop, those skills are of particular importance. Whether it’s to develop CRM strategies or to provide direct training to your sales team, active listening and addressing the customer’s needs are reinforced through activities like role play exercises.

Natural Salespeople

Had aptitude testing been more of a developed process in his day, Carnegie would no doubt have learned to rely on it. The right candidates for the best sales team, to his way of thinking, were those who were adaptable and able to interact with people smoothly and naturally. People always want to discuss themselves and the things that interest them, but that will only work if they are convinced that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say. A good salesperson can communicate that interest not only with their words but their vocal tone and body language.

The APQ, which is used in all of Asher’s sales trainings, can find those natural salespeople among potential hires and your existing sales force alike. By selecting those stand-out salespeople, they will be in the best position to translate what they learned directly into sales acquisition.

Communication is Key

More than anything, Carnegie was convinced that clear, forthright communication was the cornerstone of effective selling, and managing staff as well. Here are some examples of his to-the-point recommendations:

  • When wrong, say so and apologize, then move on.

  • If a direct question is put to you, respond with a direct answer and never promise what you can’t deliver.

This direct and clear communication style is reflected in Asher’s approach to corporate sales training overall. Our best sales training seminars solicit direct feedback from its participants and they are encouraged to interact with the instructor as well as each other in group exercises. After the workshop ends, follow up coaching and multimedia with course materials help ensure the lessons stick – and we keep our communication lines open with past students who have questions.

It seems clear that if Dale Carnegie were here to comment on Asher sales training workshops, he’d do so with a smile on his face. In many ways, his timeless wisdom is alive and well.


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