The Secret 3 Ways to Get the Most from a Sales Training Workshop

Sales training workshops present some obvious benefits like a better-trained staff and an increase in closed sales. However, with a few tweaks, you can maximize your ROI and get even better results.

Here are three of the best ways to get the most from a sales training workshop.

1. Utilize The APQ

Pre-employment screening for background and reference checking has long been a cornerstone of the hiring process. Unfortunately, the information provided by such screenings has little to nothing to say about the employee’s future potential or what specific role would best suit them individually. This is where APQ testing comes in.

Advanced Personality Questionnaires are predictive of compatibility and can help ensure you are offering sales training opportunities to those best positioned to benefit from them. And, by assessing their personalities you can place those new hires in positions that best suit their particular personality type. This sets them up for success from day one and reduces turnover rates down the line.

Secret #1: test people and only send those with natural sales talent off to sales training seminars and workshops.

2. Role Play

For many of the sales people who will be part of an upcoming sales training workshop, this is hardly their first rodeo. Many have heard and seen it all when it comes to sales tips and tactics, but they still don’t perform to their optimum level. This is where role-playing comes in.

Once they are back from their workshop, ask them which sales scenarios they need help with, and have them pair up and practice overcoming whatever barriers they are facing, using the solutions presented in the workshop. For some, they might get tongue-tied when someone hits them with an objection. For others, they might be extremely long-winded at the presentation phase. These scenarios can be role-played and salespeople usually end up having fun with the activity.

Secret #2: role play at sales meetings to improve confidence and performance.

3. Reinforce with Coaching

Since we tend to forget most of what we learn within a few short months, it pays to reinforce corporate sales training. Continued sales coaching after a workshop has also been a proven factor in information retention and application on the job.

Another positive aspect to coaching is that it holds salespeople accountable to actually use the material learned during the workshop – so they will be more likely to pay attention during subsequent training sessions.

Secret #3: hire a sales coach to reinforce the business sales training and hold people accountable for applying the material.

By using the three secrets above, you can get the most out of sales training workshops and better prepare your sales force for success in the future.


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