5 Reasons The Best Sales Training Seminars Have You Coming Back for More

The best sales training seminars have a few factors which cause attendees to want to repeat the experience, and to bring a few friends along as well.

Here are five reasons why the best ones are so popular and why they keep sales professionals returning year after year (or investing in add-ons such as private coaching).

  1. Tangible results

Nothing is more rewarding to me than hearing about the successes of my students when they effectively apply what I have taught them at work, with real flesh-and-blood customers.

The best sales training seminars help salespeople close more deals so they and their sponsor company make more money. Simple as that. If this isn’t happening with your current training provider – something is wrong.

  1. New techniques

Every year, some new thing comes along to make our jobs a little better. From relationship-based selling to social media prospecting, there is always an innovative twist to selling which the best sales training seminars will teach you.

This excites me, and should excite anyone else who loves the art of selling. You can always learn something new!

  1. Sharpen the saw

Besides the new techniques, the best sales training seminars also re-enforce the basics so you get better at them.

Even after decades in sales, I enjoy discovering some new angle in the basics, whether it be applying a close in a smoother fashion or handling an objection more professionally. It’s why I insist that salespeople understand their basics, by reading their favorite sales book, at least every couple of years.

  1. Motivate

Another reason sales training gurus earn loyal followers and repeat business is because they MOTIVATE people into action. This, in my opinion, is the absolute hardest thing for sales managers to do, and is one of the reasons why salespeople should attend training yearly – because we trainers act as a strong and motivating external force that can inspire people for months.

If your sales department is down in the dumps:

  • Get rid of those salespeople with no natural talent for sales (use the APQ)

  • Get everyone else to a good training workshop ASAP

  1. Fun

The last reason the best sales training seminars have you coming back for more is: they are FUN!

Trade war stories with fellow salespeople. Meet new folks. Share your knowledge. Role play difficult people you have encountered. Maybe even start a sale or two with prospects among the other attendees.

The sales profession is the best profession. It is where you can make the most money the quickest, and since the stakes are so high, so should the fun factor. Once you get too serious about sales, you are done.

Asher Strategies is known for delivering some of the best sales training, with many repeat customers. We strive to keep things interesting and deliver on points one through five above.

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