December 21, 2017

They say the quants have taken over marketing. At many firms, “data geeks”who can derive scientific insights from an endless stream of behavioral and purchasing data are more in demand than creative types. But what about sales? Can relationship-based, B2B sellers adopt a data-centric, scientific approach as well? Is science in selling a real thing?

My answer is a definite “YES.” In fact, the top sales training programs have been advocating for the use of science in selling for many years. It’s because we have seen the superior results obtained by those who do, rather than those who don’t.

Here are three major areas where Asher Strategies uses science to improve results.

Aptitude testing

Empirical evidence shows that 50 percent of sales success comes down to natural aptitude. Sales managers and executives interested in using science in selling cannot ignore this fact. Aptitude testing, using proven tests such as the APQ, can scientifically determine if a candidate has a high probability of succeeding or failing in various sales roles.

By using the APQ, you remove a lot of opinion and bias from the hiring decision. This results not only in a fair practice process for the candidate, but also in enormous gains in efficiency for employers.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP uses psychology in order to positively impact sales through deeper human connections. The field is broad, and encompasses such things as matching body language and tone of voice, mirroring personality types, and otherwise affecting sales outcomes through subtle means.

NLP is not hypnosis. But it does operate below the conscious awareness of most people, who don’t usually notice NLP techniques but do experience a greater affinity for those who use them correctly. We already incorporate some basic NLP methodologies into our sales training workshops, and continue to monitor new scientific developments in NLP as they pertain to improving selling skills.

Selling to the Old Brain

Another focus of ours is selling to the “old brain.” As far as I know we are one of the only sales companies to address this in our programs. It is very exciting to do so, as there is always something new to share.

By appealing to the old, or emotional, part of the brain, you bypass many of the fears and barriers of the so-called rational mind and close deals faster and easier. Building rapport becomes a piece of cake, as is gaining and holding interest. Closing is also facilitated when you appeal to the emotional brain, as the analytical brain will then rationalize whatever the emotional brain decides to do – so it’s like having a hidden influencer on your side.

Using science in selling sets the elite apart from the mediocre, and that’s why the top sales training programs use it. Fortunately for our sales training customers, Asher Strategies is always on the lookout for new, cutting edge science to share with them if we determine it has real-world applicability. Stay connected with us through this blog, our social media, our videos, and our workshops so you don’t miss any of it. — John