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ASHER Strategies is a Top Sales Consulting Firm

We understand that you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a sales consulting firm. There are plenty of teaching systems out there, and just as many capable trainers who have demonstrated they can get results in one or more areas of sales. We applaud them for their efforts to elevate the status of professional salespeople.

With that being said, ASHER has a few key differences compared to other sales consulting firms.

Most notable is that we not only focus on improving the sales skills of individual salespeople, but we combine that with the improvement of the 15 critical sales processes within the firm itself:

  • Sales team personnel selection

  • Account management and customer care

  • Customer feedback

  • Strategic planning

  • Strategic marketing

  • Internet marketing

  • CRM strategies to become customer-centric

  • Salespeople management

  • Customer focused communications

  • Marketing messages

  • Prioritization of opportunities

  • 20-step new business capture process for complex sales

  • Sales processes

  • Sales presentations

  • Proposals

With this holistic approach to improving a sales organization’s performance, we can outperform firms which concentrate on only one aspect of sales.

Asher- One of the top-notch sales consulting firms features:

1. Personalized

When we train, we do so with the sales experience and expectations of the attendees in mind. In fact, our trainers poll the room at the beginning of each seminar to gauge these key components, and adjust the curriculum to better fit revealed needs and wants. We also encourage participants to share their personal stories to make the material real, and contribute to the knowledge of other students.

Your company isn’t a generic, cookie-cutter entity, and your training shouldn’t be either.

2. Entertaining

Learning does not have to be a painful or dull experience. Rather than drone on endlessly, our training regimen is highly interactive and encourages everyone to get involved in the learning process.

This greatly improves the retention and application of the material well after the training sessions are completed, delivering a superior ROI while also providing a transforming experience for your employees.

3. Uncomplicated

We have distilled the knowledge from 35 years of study and over 300 books on sales into the Five Factors for Sales Success Formula, and have developed training manuals which present the best concepts and practices surrounding these topics in a reader-friendly, graphic-rich fashion.

Salespeople can use these training manuals as quick reference guides long after they finish their seminars, further guaranteeing that they will use the material in their daily work.

4. Motivating

Giving salespeople, managers, and executives workable knowledge and removing the mystery surrounding sales is greatly motivating. The numbers prove it, with companies who have used our training experiencing an average of:

  • 17% increase in sales to newly acquired customers

  • 22% increase in repeat sales to current customers

  • 45% reduction in their sales cycle time

We guarantee that those who attend our training in earnest will develop at least one new sales-boosting habit using the best practices we teach.

5. Experienced

We have done this before – in over 1,200 companies and with more than 50,000 sales professionals.

Our facilitators have several decades combined of real world experience in commercial, industrial, government, and government contractor sales, and are highly qualified in dealing with B2B sales organizations like yours. Each industry possesses its own sales challenges, and our experience in dealing with a wide variety of firms allows us to tailor solutions to meet the unique issues in yours.

ASHER Strategies is proud of our history as a sales consulting firm and of our results. We invite you to browse around to explore our offerings and then call us when you are ready to boost the sales results of your firm.

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A terrific sales seminar. I have been in the field for over 30 years and have never attended a better seminar. Up to date and relevant for today’s new selling paradigm.

Richard Lenahan, President, Praxis


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