Why Hire Sales Consulting Firm That Starts at Front End

Why Hire a Sales Consulting Firm that Starts at the Front End – Hiring the Right Sales Team

The idea that anyone and everyone can competently sell, especially high-end, complex business-to-business solutions, is nonsense. While that statement is not politically correct, it is nonetheless true and very important to keep in mind when building your sales team.

We have arrived at this conclusion after 35 years of experience in commercial, industrial, government and government sales, as well as providing sales consulting firm services to over 50,000 sales people: 50 percent of salesperson success is based wholly on natural aptitude or instinctive talent for the job.

Because of this, any hiring approach which ignores this factor is hobbled from the very start, because no matter what training is given; those with zero natural talent will not get far and will consume much more energy and resources than those with aptitude.

The cost of hiring the wrong people for a B2B sales position is estimated (conservatively) at $150,000 —EACH TIME. This is an enormous expense.

Can you afford to make this mistake?

Save money and choose the right people with the Craft Personality Questionnaire (CPQ)

It is crucial to know the sales aptitude of a candidate when considering his or her placement and hiring. It is also valuable to test the aptitude of existing team members, to illuminate if people can be better placed based on their inherent skills, so they will be happier and more productive.

ASHER Strategies differentiates itself from any other sales consulting firm by:

  • Emphasizing aptitude testing as the first and most important step in improving a sales organization

  • Recognizing that there is little point in encouraging you to invest time, money, and effort in implementing the rest of our training regimen on those without the basic talent necessary to do well

By testing prospective employees with the CPQ first, you find out who really has what it takes, and can focus on building them up with the rest of our world class sales training and consulting tools.

Eight basic personality traits

The CPQ sales aptitude test uses eight main personality traits and assigns an acceptable range to each based on the characteristics needed for success in each sales role. Scores which fall in those ranges indicate whether the candidate is suitable for a job such as “outside sales hunter,” or whether they would be better as an inside sales representative or even a manager.

In fact, the suitability for up to 30 different jobs can be gauged using the CPQ. Imagine what this will do for your sales organization when everyone on the team is in the right role based on their scientifically tested natural talent, rather than mere opinion or guessing.

The best part about the CPQ Assessment? It is available online to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year — and only takes about 30 minutes to complete. Your people do not have to travel to a special testing center nor alter their schedules to work around a specific testing window, but can easily access the test from a home or office computer. You get the results immediately, and volume discounts are available for 10 or more orders.

Take a test drive by downloading a sample CPQ Assessment to explore what this tool can do for your organization, and why we stand by our statement that ASHER Strategies is unlike any other sales consulting firm out there.

And once you are ready to get started, feel free to contact us to discuss how to implement the CPQ and our other solutions in your organization to literally transform your sales team into a powerhouse.

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