What Makes Sales Consulting Firms Valuable

Selecting the Right Sales Consulting Firm for YOUR Company

Selecting the Right Sales Consulting Firm for YOUR Company

Say you have sluggish sales, or only a small percentage of your salespeople are actually bringing in results, with the rest feeling like dead weight. You might be asking yourself:

  • Is there a remedy for this which won’t take forever?

  • Is it doable from a cost perspective?

  • Can I improve with the existing team in place?

  • How do I get buy-in from all areas of the organization so the fixes are actually implemented?

In your search for solutions, you will probably also come up against the question of doing it yourself versus hiring an outside sales consulting firm to help fix your issues. This will bring up things like:

  • Can I trust an outside sales consulting service to really fix my unique problems?

  • Will they tie my team up for a long time?

  • Won’t they just sell me an expensive pep rally, with little long-term benefits?

  • Who will take responsibility for results?

If you are thinking of doing it yourself by using the existing personnel to fix the scene and “save money,” consider the folly of using the same people that designed a problematic sales process to fix that same process. This can end up being very costly, because unless an outside perspective is consulted they will likely repeat the same mistakes. This will eat up the money set aside for fixing the problem while wasting time and leaving you right where you started, or even worse if the things that did work were abandoned.

In reality, however, we know that in most cases the main obstacle to improving a sales organization is not money, but TIME. For a struggling sales organization, the thought of stopping even the feeblest of sales activities to take the time to train might seem counterproductive.

However, consider the amount of time wasted time on poor sales processes, wasted leads, training the wrong people, and a sales cycle which drags on forever. Wouldn’t you agree that if you used aptitude testing (such as Asher’s CPQ Sales Aptitude Assessment ) to hire the right people, and your team was doing effective things at all times (rather than stumbling around or putting out fires) that your time would be freed up to pursue more revenue-generating opportunities?

Click here for some of the factors to think about when choosing a sales consulting firm

If you are considering hiring a sales consulting firm for your business, let’s talk. ASHER Strategies has a proven track record in tailoring sales programs for companies in many different industries. Over 1,200 companies and 50,000 salespeople have gone through our sales training, consulting, and aptitude testing programs and have improved their bottom lines, and we’d love to do the same for you.

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