Which Sales Consulting Firms Can You Trust

Which Sales Consulting Firms Can You Trust?

Sales consulting firms are generally unregulated, which allows for great freedom in how they operate, but also presents a problem in knowing which firm you should trust with your business. After all, anyone can just call themselves a consultant and print up some business cards.

Fortunately, the Internet has made the search process a bit less daunting, and social media recommendations also help. Ultimately, however, it is going to depend on your own due diligence to find out which firm will get the best results while also being trustworthy enough to share the intimate details of your business with.

Consider these questions when doing your research:

Does this firm make me feel vulnerable?

Admitting you have a sales problem can be tough. It is even worse if the firm you are speaking with appears to take delight in your misfortune by pitching you every expensive solution under the sun, using scare tactics to take advantage of you.

Feeling terrified or doomed is not the right state of mind to be in when making a purchasing decision for your company. Instead, choose a sales consulting firm that makes you feel comfortable while also having enough authority to point out what needs to be changed in order for you to grow.

Do they practice what they preach?

The product of sales consulting firms is, ultimately, greater sales performance in the companies they serve. So, pay attention to how they sell you. Do they seem to be on the ball, or are you left wondering, “If this is how their salespeople sell, how can they make mine any better?”

Take note of everything, from grooming, to their appointment setting etiquette and their presentations. Are they pushy? Too passive? If so, beware, because they might train using these negative traits with your sales people.

Choose the firm whose salespeople and trainers make you wish you could hire them for your own company.

Will they try to take over?

The best sales consulting firms know their place is to advise and educate, not run your company for you. While a consultant might go above and beyond and take a desk in your building for a short time period to help implement a solution, such as a new CRM tool, beware of anyone who proposes sending an entire team to set up shop in your business for months.

Why is this bad idea? First, this tends to generate animosity, as they are never really part of the team, and your staff knows it and treats them accordingly.

Second, when that team leaves, expect most gains to disappear along with them. Why? Because your own people were never given the chance to take full responsibility for their own improvement.

The proper solution is to fix your people and sales processes, and have them take complete ownership of the results, not bring in experts to completely take things over and do the work for them.

Can they grow with me?

Finally, make sure that the sales consulting firm you select offers comprehensive solutions that will accommodate and adapt to each stage of your growth.

ASHER Strategies can assist from the beginning of the sales hiring process all the way to broad strategic marketing plans.

Some of our advantages and offerings include:

  • APQ Sales Aptitude Assessment to quickly determine the natural strengths and weaknesses of existing personnel as well as candidates for open positions.

  • Comprehensive training in the Top 10 Selling Skills and the Five Factors for Sales Success

  • High Performance Team Workshop for executives and managers

  • Advanced negotiation training

  • Partner Network to help solve unique sales challenges by tapping into the knowledge of leading firms across several fields of expertise

  • Use of advanced lead generation and marketing technology (RAMP)

  • Breadth of expertise across all 15 Critical Sales Processes

  • Personalized, one-on-one coaching for all roles in the sales organization

We invite you to explore what makes us different. Call us today for a free consultation today!

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