Email Following Techniques

February 23, 2011

You’ve made the call and it went pretty well. But you’re not done yet. Following up is just as important as making the call and is a vital part of cultivating a good relationship with a prospect.... read more

How to get what you want on the telephone

February 17, 2011

Doing a warm call can be a daunting thought. It is easy to get scared away and abandon the whole process. How would it feel to finally be at ease with these calls and hear “yes, I have time to talk more about this with you” on the other line? Here is 5-step process to keep you focused and making efficient calls:... read more

How to manage your time

February 11, 2011

Often times at the end of the workday, nothing seems to have gone the way you expected. With all of the unexpected surprises that the workday brings, it’s difficult to stay on top of what is important. Here are a few guidelines to help ensure that you make your day the most efficient it can be.... read more

The benefits of using a coach

February 2, 2011

When understanding a prospect, it is extremely useful to gain insight through a sales coach. A coach can help with understanding the customer’s budget, decision-making process, likely competitors and more. Not only should the coach be extremely knowledgeable in your prospect’s field, but they should also have a personal desire to help you make the sale.... read more

Motivation – The Sales Manager’s Part

January 27, 2011

Every sales manager loves team members who are “self-motivated” mainly because it makes their job as manager, well, easier. Just because some people are more “self-motivated” than others doesn’t mean they can’t be even more motivated if the right environment is set in place for them to succeed. A large part of the sales manager’s job is to understand what motivates his team members and help them obtain their goals, together.... read more

How to manage your leads

January 26, 2011

You’ve finally attained a good amount of leads….now what do you do? It is crucial to stay on top of your leads and properly manage all of them. What does this look like? First off, make sure you are focusing on the correct number of prospects. If you are working with many, it is difficult to effectively focus on each one. If you have a low amount of prospects, then there may be insufficient resources applied to generation.... read more

Solid Sales Process

January 20, 2011

If an organization is churning through salespeople, it’s probably time to examine the sales process in place supporting the sales team. Top sales people will not stay in organizations without solid processes around them.  In fact, a recent study done by the TAS Group stated that sales staff turnover is reduced by 39% when a formal sales process is in place.... read more

Are you properly qualifying your leads?

January 18, 2011

Learning how to qualify your leads is a critical skill necessary for success in the sales field. Not all leads own the potential to become a prospect. Deciphering whether or not your lead is qualified to become a prospect can be a shaky process. Time is everything, and any amount of time that can be saved by prioritizing what will be best for you and the customer, should be taken.... read more

Who Needs Sales Training?

January 13, 2011

Organizations that encourage even require, sales training each year for their sales and customer facing team members are certainly ahead of the game. Even the most seasoned sales professionals find some helpful tool to take away from ongoing training.... read more

Are you giving up on a qualified lead too soon?

December 27, 2010

Everyone in the sales department is probably guilty of one thing; giving up on a qualified lead too soon. Many factors can stall the sales process and some of those factors don’t have anything to do with you or your services.... read more

How Important is Natural Aptitude in Sales?

December 22, 2010

Some professions require a significant amount of natural aptitude to predict success. For example, you must be born with a certain amount of physical attributes to succeed as a professional athlete. Things like strength, agility, coordination are all necessary “born” factors that predict success. Now, these born physical attributes alone will not guarantee success on the field. Certainly coaching, training, practice and overall study of the game are fundamental ingredients in the recipe for success. But most coaches agree that it begins with the players’ natural attributes and aptitude for the game that is the main factor for success.... read more

The 5 Factors for Sales Success – The Magic Pill?

December 7, 2010

Over the years, we have listened to many business leaders ponder over the secret to sales success. Everyone seems to have similar but varying opinions about what it takes to succeed. They look to us for “The Magic Pill” to give to their struggling reps and hope to start seeing success right away.... read more